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After bumping into tMP members at various banding events, today was my first experience of the power of tMP in the workplace.

Walking into a meeting in a potential customers premises, I was greeted with the phrase "I know you from somewhere". Some minutes later, my potential customer turned to me, rather to the surprise of his boss and said "You're Jessop-Smythe aren't you?"
A Fellow tMPer! our very own Deano.
Ice suitably broken!

Could tMP become the place where deals are done? Should I put a discreet little tMP logo on all the quotes I send out?

It would certainly be a lot easier than the older tradition of doing business on the golf course. Especially for an idle git like me. Walking to the car is plenty of excercise.

Okiedokie of Oz

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And a pass phrase!!!

"The sweet tone of the flugel will conquer all"
which can be replied with
"But the euphonium will forever dominate"

It's almost like a mysterious fraternity.....isn't that how all the Americans get jobs these days?? through their frat brothers? Hmmmm....once again John's vision of ruling the world rears its head


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I can see it now... 2 dodgy looking types in long coats and dark glasses on a park bench...

"I hear there is a choice of tests for the open this year"
"It is true that many crazy things are happening..."
"Ah good, you are a tmper, thought you might have just been a dirty old man..."


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I reckon the greeting's more likely to be: "My name's XXXXX and I'm a tMPerholic" :shock: :oops: :wink:


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Well I ain't polishing no-one's jewels or anything Masonic like that...
However, I do feel extensive use of trouser semaphore could be made, as pioneered in The Chap Magazine
BMB :wink:

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