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TMP BOC Brother – Rules

If you are selected as one of the tMP BOC Brother 10, you must abide by the following rules:-

1. If Big Brother (i.e. any member of the tMP Team) asks you to complete a task or an event, you must complete this within the timescale specified;
2. Once a week, you will be set a task – the loser(s) of this task will face a forfeit and will be expected to take the forfeit in the spirit of good fun in which it is intended;
3. You must complete this task within the specified timescale, otherwise you are deemed to have ‘lost’ that weeks task;
4. The tMP Team will decide what each task and it’s related forfeit will be;
5. You will not necessarily be aware of the forfeit facing you whilst taking part in a ‘task’ or challenge;
6. Every Tuesday, you will be asked to nominate, via pm or e-mail, 2 of your fellow ‘housemates’ to be up for eviction from the competition – a reason must be given for why you are nominating the said person – please be aware this reason may be made public;
7. Following the nominations being received from all the housemates, the 2 (or more) housemates with the highest number of nominations will be put up for eviction – this will be voted for by all the users of tMP – with the ‘housemate(s)’ having the highest number of votes received by ‘close of play’ on every Thursday/Friday (to be confirmed) being evicted from the tMP BB forum, and therefore, the competition;
8. You will, from time to time, be asked to post an entry in the tMP BB Diary Room thread – again, this must be done within the allotted time – or you risk facing a forfeit;
9. tMP Team reserve the right to amend these rules once the competition has started;
10. Only members of the tMP Team and the housemates remaining in the competition can post in the tMP BOC Brother Forum, however, this forum is viewable to all tMP members; the tMP BOC Brother’s Little Brother is however, available to all tMP members to discuss the goings on in the tMP BOC Brother house!;
11. Housemates must not amend their tMP profile whilst they are still in the competition. If they do, they face the possibility of a receiving a forfeit;
12. Housemates must however be prepared for their profile to be amended by tMP Management in accordance with tasks, forfeits or any other matter in relation to the competition. Housemates' profile will of course be returned to what it was prior to tMP BOC BROTHER once the competition closes or a housemate is evicted;
13. Any housemate has the right to leave the competition at any time. A pm must be sent to Dyl informing him of your decision and the reason why. The tMP Team may or may not decide to replace any housemate that decides to leave voluntarily;
14. Above all, HAVE FUN, but remember, BOC BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!
15. Cheekiness will not be tolerated.
16. Housemates must not discuss nominations in public.

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