tMP Band at Whit Friday- June 4th 2004


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As you may have read, over the last couple of months the tMP team have been working behind the scenes to organise a band to attend this year's Whit Friday Marches. The Band, conducted by our own Roger Thorne and featuring tMPers from bands all over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, shall be taking the stage at a number of venues in the Saddleworth area.

The tMP Whit Friday band 2004 will be wearing a uniform of black jackets with members wearing their own band ties. We shall have tMP banners for the lyres therefore are recognisable! The tMP team will be represented by theMusicMan, Keppler and Sparkling_quavers on Cornet, PeterBale on BBb Bass and Roger Thorne wagging the stick. If you see the band please come over and introduce yourself!

We have had such interest in the event this year that we have people playing on rotation for the contest which is fantastic news! The band are looking for a final BBb bass to complete the team. Anyone interested PM me ASAP.

Over the last 18 months tMP bands have played at events including Whit Friday, Easingwold and Children in Need. Alongside the development of a number of exciting new projects, the tMP team are planning a number of events for the coming year. Keep your eyes peeled and get involved....that is what we are all about!!! :D :D :D

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