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Hi All

Just a brief note initially - to bring you up to date and to explain a few of the things that are happening behind the scenes here at tMP HQ!

Firstly, and at this time in the life of tMP very importantly, we are holding our next Moderators face-to-face meeting on Saturday 15th May. Hopefully you will be pleased to know that we have many exciting things planned here on tMP for the remainder of 2004 and beyond into 2005, and I am sure we most certainly are in for a mammoth session discussing them all. However, keeping with tMP tradition, I would also like to give everyone here the opportunity to let us have your thoughts and ideas as to what you would like us to consider. Please do feel free to e-mail or PM us with any suggestions where you feel things could be improved, ammended or introduced. We will be happy to add these to the already large agenda. It is vitally important for tMP that we continue to offer to you many new features, additional value services and above all, plenty of fun to-boot. So, come on - get your thinking hats on and get those suggestions flying into us via the usual routes... PM's or e-mails (john@, roger@, rachel@, ian@, neal@, peter@, dyl@

I will be making several announcements following this meeting when I will fully update you all with what our plans for the future. One thing though that I can mention now, is thus. Due to our fantastic and unprescedented membership, number of threads and bandwidth growth, very soon tMP will need to be migrated to a new and more powerful webserver. In preparation for this, please can I ask each of you to delete any unwanted PM's you might have in your private tMP folder area ASAP. We are dangerously close to our maximum (and webhost imposed) database size, and if everyone can do this ASAP doing so will hopefully allow us a few more weeks breathing space before we are in a position when we have to move servers. When we do move to our new webservers, we will have enough space to grow 10-fold and keep tMP growing well into the future. Please also be assured as well, that I am making considerable effort to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. I will keep you udated as to the migration plan and if you have any concerns about this, please feel free to contact me and I will explain exactly what we are doing.

That's about it for now - so please get those suggestions in and do check and remove any unwanted PM's from your private PM folders.

Many thanks for your continued support here on tMP folks... :tup


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You might have seen the recent tremporary Pop-Up announcement asking for you to remove any unwanted PM's from your private folders. Please can you do this ASAP as I will be temporarily reducing the number PM's we are allowed to store on Friday 23rd April.

NB: The announcement should only show up once per PC.

Many thanks.


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stephen2001 said:
What is the new message limit going to be?

Cheers :)

Hi Stephen - temporarily this:

  • 5 for Inbox
    10 for Savebox
    5 for Sentbox

I will be reverting to the current figures when we have moved webservers. More detail on that though following our management meeting on 15th May... :)


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Help! The pop up keeps coming up everytime I change page! I'm on a mac, running safari!

Edit: Just like the posts :?: - duplicate post deleted :wink: , PB, Mod


It doesn't do that just it on Macs!

I'm using IE6 on Win2k and it comes up every page....

Perhaps its because we're going out through a NAT-translating firewall, so every page is a new connection?

Maybe I need to be using Opera @ home and select the "no popups" option :p



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Sorry about this guys... it should only popup just the once. I am on IE6 and XPPro and it has only popped once.

Neal suggests that it might be a cookie issue :?

Will only be present until Thursday (tomorrow) evening as a reminder for everyone to move their PM's - they will get deleted if not...


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NeilW - I'm behind NAT router as well and no problems here. Check your cookies.

As a work around, minimise the window and don't close it - I'd imagine it's a named window, so hopefully it'll reload in the same window all the time, and you won't get massive spawns..

As John says - it's important for us, so bear with us - will be gone by Friday.

Thanks for your patience


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Just to remind those who are interested that we are holding our next Moderators meeting on Saturday 15th May (i.e. next Sat)

If you do have any thoughts, ideas or suggestions as to the future for tMP, then please do let me or any of the Mods know so that we can discuss it at the meeting.

Look out for loads of announcements following the meeting as well...:)


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tMP meeting

To John and the mods is it possible to offer a music library swop scheme on tMP?

Killamarsh has a library of at least a 1000 pieces and presumably all the other separate bands have similar amounts of music. Clearly some will be duplicated for every band but each band will have music no longer in print. We probably only have 10% of the music out in any one year so there's loads not going to be used by us in the next 5 years. In addition our library will be somewhat different to a higher section band and vice versa.

Would it be possible for each band to provide details of it's library so others can view? would this take up to much space and present format problems?

What about a more simple swop for swop scheme - band posts what it is looking for, other bands offer their copy. Each band to pay say a nominal £5.00/£10.00 for each peice borrowed and sending band covers postage - on loan for 3/6 months and then to be returned to original band. This way bands could also try music before buying it themselves. A lot will depend on trust but the records would be clear as to who has what.

Just a thought, not sure how much interest there would be from bands.


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Good idea Francis! In line with Tmps Copyright Policy presumably only original sets could be swapped? I know Killamarsh spend a large amount of money on music so most of your 1000 pieces will be originals, but can other bands claim the same??! :shock: :lol:

Roger Thorne

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Thanks for the suggestion. We have our Mods meeting tomorrow and I'll bring this subject up. Hopefully we'll be able to report back soon.




Edit: Personally, I do have my doubts about a scheme like this. I think it will encourage bands to 'photocopy' borrowed parts!


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I also think that while it is a good idea in theory, it just wont work in practice.

a few possible problems are:

--> music getting 'lost in the post'

--> photocopying issues

--> the size of the database

--> who would get the money? and would there be a subscription fee?

there are numerous other points, but I think that with a lot of planning this could work. It would take a bit of effort, but it's possible.


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Music Library

Hi Roger appreciate the concern re copying however suspect that may happen with or without such a scheme. If the band concerned has a regime that allows copying not much any of us can do about that presummably the authorities are there to deal with that.

On a more positive note if a band were to borrow music and then consider it to be suitable they would then purchase a copy themselves. The reason I have suggested that the music be retained for 3 to 6 months would give the band opportunity to assess the music, incorporate in their programme and then return later in the year when new programmes are introduced. Any band being prepared to loan their music most have considered that they were not going to use it in the short term.

Of course this assumes that bands want to change their programmes; I have been to bands who's programme hardly changes and then I suppose they wouldn't be that interested in new music anyway.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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