tMP 5 Years Live - The Winners

2nd man down

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Again you see! a Mod lowering the tone of a lovely fluffy, cuddly little thread about how I got ripped off by my grasping relatives!!!!

The thread was about you was it?? Don't acually think either of those posts were anything to do with you by the way...maybe your ego just read them wrong. Ho-hum.


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Well spotted there Mr Mod the thread is not about me, I never even noticed that! where would we be without you? i think there is a distict possibility i was not being entirely serious.....ho hum indeed.


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Award #20 - Outstanding Contribution to the Movement
The tMP Team have selected their winner for this year's "Award #20" and we will be making a separate announcement shortly.
Has there been any announcement of the winner of award #20 yet?


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Has there been any announcement of the winner of award #20 yet?

Not yet, but the recipient has been contacted and has provided us with some further information. We are preparing the announcement as we post. ;-)


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have put on my must do list for 2008, must meet BMB!! cos i like her sense of humour and intellectual wit, Cheques to S.P.A.S co D. REDHEAD
If you've never met BMB then you've never been in the bar at any contest that her band is playing at or that's anywhere near where she lives or at anytime when there's a 'y' in the day!!!!

Sense of humour....yep.
Intellectual wit.....jury's still out!!!

Well done Madame stripey person