Time to retire Sibelius?

I have been using a legal copy of Sibelius 7 extensively for years and it does everything that I need. I will never upgrade to a newer version because the new owners AVID oblige you to keep paying each year. The Photoscore Ultimate program that produces a Sibelius file from a PDF file or from scanning sheet music pages is good and occasionally I get 100% accuracy but usually it requires manual corrections. Friends who use Finale speak highly of that product.
Anyone on here using Notion on iPad? Apple are plugging it at the moment...

Is it time to retire Sibelius?
I have used Sibelius for many years and I currently have a legal copy of Sibelius 7 and a legal copy of "Photoscore Ultimate". It meets all of my needs so I don't need to upgrade. However I would pay to upgrade the associated program named "Photoscore Ultimate" if they fixed some time consuming problems in examining a PDF file of sheet music in preparation for creating a Sibelius file. Which is the better product - Sibelius or Finale? I have invested so much time in learning to use Sibelius that I will not spend time learning to use Finale, even if I were to receive a free copy of Finale.
I have used Sibelius extensively for about 20 years and am happy with Sibelius 7. Newer versions do not contain any features that I need so there is no reason for me to pay money for a newer version. Another deterrent is that it is my understanding that users of newer versions of Sibelius have to pay an annual license fee. I would readily upgrade to a newer and better version of PhotoScore for converting a PAD file into a Sibelius file but there have been no improvements in Photoscore for about ten years.

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