Time Gentlemen Please!


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Hello Roy. I refer you to Roger's succinct explanation from another thread:
Roger Thorne said:
If you go into your profile at the top of any page, scroll down to timezone and alter it to GMT + 1 hour you find that will put the time right.


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I still can't understand that one... we are in the GMT zone after all, not the GMT+1 zone.

I think the server hasn't adjusted itself for BST.


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Isn't the server in Germany though? I remember when the site was down once, the message it displayed was in German.

Might have something to do with the difference :?: but not the GMT+1 business!!! :roll:


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Personally I think the clock should be kept to GMT as not everybody on the site resides in the UK, so switching to BST at appropriate times seems a bit parochial.


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Who Cares??!!!!!
personally i believe the clocks should be kept back
this means more ttime in bed and in the pub but late for work and we can blame it on tMP!!


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ha i was just thinkin that and gettin very confused!!! im glad i just found this or who knows how confused would i get?!?!?


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The problem here folks is, I believe, down to the fact that whilst the tMP Master Clock is set at GMT, the actual server/machine where all tMP threads are located is in Germany which is +1h... but if I set tMP Master Clock at GMT-1, all other times would be out.

Easiest way is as described, simply set your profile time to GMT-1 and all should be OK...

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