Do you like being tickled, if yes where?

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Big Twigge

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Following more than one conversation about this matter this week, I feel that the world of brass banding need to be asked if they like being tickled?

Remember its a family forum :wink:

So, do you?


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My mum's ticklish round her neck, and unfortunately I've inherited that blasted gene too (or is it allelle?) ;) ....


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Yeah ticklish all over really - some places more than others :wink:
and yes depends on who's doing the tickling


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I'm tickly all over but I hate it. I react violently... that's a warning to any tMPers without armour who accidentally tickle me at the Scottish Championships or the Europeans... :wink:


Big Twigge

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Whoops! missed off an option for all over and can't do it now, so you'll have to write that unless a lovely mod has a spare minute :D ?!

It seems to be quite a popular response,maybe a scientist could do a study between the link of ticklishness and playing in a brass band....or not :shock:


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i'm more ticklish than a very ticklish thing.... :?
i dont mind if its a certain someone i wont mention ;) :twisted:
but otherwise i react very violently, and the other party involved tends to get hurt :?


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Well I have to say that this is somewhat of a relief.. I used to think I was weird for my reaction to tickling. Now I know it's just that I'm a Brass Player. 8)


Okiedokie of Oz

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I don't know if I'm weird, or if it's because I'm too self-conscious or what, but I don't react too well with some physical contact. I hate being tickled, and I freak out when I get massaged.

I remember once in high school, I was having a bad day, and Elizabeth reached out to comfort me and touched my hand............anyone would think she had a disease I was avoiding, I jumped so high!!

So, no tickles please, I'm Australian

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
no no no no no no no no no no no no.....


(I now declare that I am not gonna show up to any more socials due to risk of being tickled!!) :p


Active Member
Yup i'm ticklish, all over! :?
So if I turn up at a social or tMP event, i'll have to be wary! :shock: :? :roll:


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