Three Old Instruments

Bram Nash

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I'd be interested to know about these three rescued from my late Father's estate before my sister took them to a charity shop!
Corton Trumpet, serial No.000753
Hawkes & Son Cornet, serial No.30633
King 3B Concert Trombone, serial No.7154
Apparently he had others in his loft which had already "vanished."

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The settlement of estates is difficult and time consuming, I don’t envy anyone with that task and am sure that errors happen.

It’s easy to get hung on detail with smaller assets and not see the bigger picture of things like property (house) value / marketing and the demanding logistics of estate settlement.

IIRC Corton didn’t/doesn’t have much of a (good) name and a Hawkes and Son instrument is old but not necessarily valuable. King 3b Trombones are sought after and second hand ones sell for several hundred pounds. The charity shop may well not realise what it has been given and sell it on for very little. There is no guarantee that any of the instruments were in playing order and repairs can be expensive. Though it might well be upsetting I suggest that it’s best to not worry about the instruments further.

I hope that you and your sister will be able to work out a happy way forward together.
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