Three Hawarth Impressions


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Ours came with a sort score. The reason there is only a short score is there are so few instruments playing at any one time it would be a waste of paper. :roll: Nice piece but most of the band would have been bored out their tiny brains rehearsing it. Scrubbed the League contest and concentrating on the areas cos of this. If we did it I dont think I would have had a band left for the Areas!! :lol:


Three Haworth Impressions is a great piece! I played it with Boarshurst at the French open a couple of years ago. Boring at first but great once you get into it!


This is one of my favourite pieces of all time!
I fondly remember playing it with my youth band in London (Albert hall or festival hall, can't remember which...). Cornetgirl may remember that the tubular bells at the beginning of the 2nd movement (the 3 bells?) had to be replaced with a glock, didn't sound quite as impressive!!

Sometimes makes me think of the last movement when i travel through yorkshire on a train! Ah happy days... :D


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It was the Albert Hall that one - and how well do I remember those impressive "bells"! No wonder poor old Bob Holness looked puzzled. Add to that the fact that Anthony Hopkins had an interesting take on the pronounciation of Haworth and you had a magical performance!

Rach x


Played this at bugle contest a few years ago. Great piece. Have also played the last movement as part of a concert!


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We've just recorded Three Haworth Impressions on a CD of Gordon Langford music, all conducted by Peter Parkes. Should be out soon.

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