This one made me laugh


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Julius Caesar was addressing the crowd in Rome. "Friends Romans Countrymen lend me your ears. Tomorrow I shall take our glorious army to conquer Europe and I shall start with France. We shall kill many Gauls and return victorious."

"Hail Caesar! Get in tae em big man" cheered the massed audience. Brutus turns to his mate. "See that Caesar, he's right full of himself isn't he? He couldn't fight his way out of a wet parchment bag."

Six months later Caesar returns having conquered and colonized France. "Friends Romans Countrymen lend me your ears. I have returned from our campaign in France, victorious as promised and we killed 50,000 Gauls."

"Hail Caesar ya beauty!" roared the happy crowd.

Brutus once again turns to his mate. "I am sick of this. Ceaser couldn't kill time never mind 50,000 Gauls. I'm off to check it out". Brutus sets off to France to check out Caesar's story and three weeks later returns to Rome and another public address from Caesar to the people.

"Friends Romans Countrymen lend me your ears. Tomorrow I take our
glorious army to conquer Britain and I will sort those Anglos out once and for all!"

The crowd cheer but it is soon hushed by the cries of Brutus from the back. "Caesar he bellowed, you are nothing but a big liar. I went to France to check your story and you never killed 50,000 Gauls, you only killed 25,000".

The crowd gasps in disbelief and turn to Caesar for his response.

"Brutus, you are forgetting one thing; and that is away Gauls count double in Europe."


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For once a joke where you don't see the punchline coming at you half way through.

Laughed out loud.

Oops! Funny looks all round. Back to work.

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