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Hi - Allow me to introduce myself - I am MRSH. Otherwise known as Matthew or more commonly known as Matt (amongst other unprintable names).

I am *cough* 43 years old. I joined tMP on 11 December 2003 - the day before my 41st birthday so although I can't really be classed as an established member of tMP I can be considered as one of the older ones ;).

I have played percussion since I was 6 and I've been involved in brass bands since I was 15 when I was persuaded to go along to the local band in Croydon by my (then) future step-father who played tuba. I went along and at the time the band was conducted by one of the cornet tutors of the NYBBGB. And, yes, I was then persuaded to audition for the NYBBGB. I auditioned and was invited back for the rest of the week - which I couldn't do - but did go to the concert.

I have two claims to fame with the NYBBGB. 1 - I was told much much later that I was the first person to attain 100% in my audition and 2 - My arrangement of Pictures at an Exhibition was performed by the band on my last course conducted by James Scott. I echo HBB and Vicki who say "go for it". It really is fantastic.

Anyway, a few years after leaving the NYBBGB I started conducting and in 1981 took up the post of Musical Director of the band I first starting playing in. I stayed there for 22 (mostly) very happy years. I now conduct anyone that asks (please ask :tup!!!!!) and play with anyone that needs me. I'm enjoying not being tied down to one band as I get time to concentrate on my arrangements I do for band.

Personally, I am married (15 years in July 05 :eek:) to Aardvark (aka Elspeth) who plays the cornet. I am an Associate Director of an Insurance Underwriting Agency. My whole family - at one time - were musical. Boasting: french horn, tuba, trombone and percussion players as brothers, a tuba playing step-father, a good listener for a sister and a tone deaf yet very supportive mother.

I don't contribute as much as I would really like to tMP but the community spirit, friendship and overall superb band environment are like a magnet. Coupled with a great management team and, of course, the hard work and commitment of tMM, make this the place for all things brass bands and more.

Cheers for now and thanks for listening.
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Hi Matt and :hi.

Thanks for popping in to say hello and introducing yourself. :biggrin:


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You forgot to mention your talent for finding and posting obscure but very amusing lists and jokes ;)

Dave Payn

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PeterBale said:
You forgot to mention your talent for finding and posting obscure but very amusing lists and jokes ;)
Yes, he often infiltrates the 'Bad Joke' thread and ruins it by posting very good and very funny jokes!