Think I'll take a dip now everyones gone to bed

2nd man down

Staff member
*runs to the pool and performs a high looping swan dive*

ULP!! :shock:


Urgh!! did anyone else notice they empty the pool every night??

Jo Elson

You should make yourself some advertising cards:
2nd Man Down
Not only does he do exactly what it says on the tin but he is a stunt man extroardinaire!

I'll be your agent if you like!


Supporting Member
dude, do you consider yourself to be a little accident prone?
i mean there's the chair in the diary room aswell!


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what you doen now? you fallen over bunnyboys skate board?
i told him not to leave it lying aroound. unless he did it on purpose to try and get at ya mate! :shock:


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I think lack of something has gone to his head - but I don't know hwat cos he's eaten everything from the fridge.

Jo Elson

Right i will get to work, start getting some business cards organised an i'm sure the phone won't stop ringing.

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