THE WINNERS - 6 Months Live Awards

Roger Thorne

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And the results are . . . .

Best Avatar
Cornet Girl - 20% - 13 votes

Banding Boffin
Roger Thorne - 76% - 36 votes

Users Choice
The Music Man - 17% - 8 votes
Roger Thorne - 17% - 8 votes
Homocidalbennyboy - 17% - 8 votes

Funniest Post
Homocidalbennyboy ‘Stay on Topic' - 32% - 15 votes

Best User Name
Wonky Baton - 28% - 18 votes

Funniest Thread
Fishsta - Iraqi Minister Film - 38% - 18 votes

Sarcastic Comment
Homocidalbennyboy - 54% - 25 votes

Most on Topic
The Music Man - 28% - 12 votes

Most on Line (Saddo)
Roger Thorne - 26% - 12 votes

Most Members
Wem Jubilee


The Graphic Awards will be presented on line in the next few days. - so watch this space.

Once again thanks for all your nominations and votes.



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Roger Thorne said:
And the results are . . . .

And the special theMouthPiece readers' award for the highest number of votes cast in any one category goes to

Banding Boffin
Roger Thorne - 76% - 36 votes

In lieu of a prize (I guess he's already got his own set of Bombasto) we will allow him to continue to keep us informed and amused in the coming days


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Congratulations to all the winners.

I'm going to have to go into serious training if I'm to challenge for future awards...



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:D Congratulations to everyone that won!

I hope that we will see more of this sort of thing in the future at!


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Wow!!!!! Thank you! I'm loved!

I'd like to, it's OK I'll skip the acceptance speech and say well done to everyone else and commiserations to those who didn't make it!

Rach x


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And the award for the most awards goes to Roger and Me :oops: .....

lol .....

Wow .. that was really cool, and a great idea ... well done team .....

after not being on the forum for days ... 265 new posts :? :? ...

COngratulations to all! :D

Ben ;)
:D That was excellent fun John, as has been said roll on the 12 months awards-I might get 2 votes then, thanks to whoever it was but I can't help thinking Keppler was being ever so slightly sarcastic when he nominated me? :p :p :p


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me? sarcastic?
I don't know what it means? Just ask John, and mention "pdf"

I plead innocence and would nominate you again!

Thanks to everyone for making the awards a bit of fun! And special thanks to that person who resisted the might of Beaker and voted for me.. (no, I didn't do it myself)


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Congrats to everyone, especially Ben good to see that all that sarcasm during rehearsals hasn't gone to waste :wink:


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WhatSharp? said:
Congrats to everyone, especially Ben good to see that all that sarcasm during rehearsals hasn't gone to waste :wink:

Well I'd like to thank Steve, for the excellent material he has given me over the years!!!!! ... it's made my life so much easier ..... if it wasn't for that my life would have gone "as fast as a steam roller".


:roll: :->


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