Sold/Expired The tMP users Giveaway - u'd be silly to miss it :)

James McFadyen

New Member
If you are looking for that perfect piece to win the hearts the audiende, then look no further than here!

My arrangment of Abide with Me is just what your looking for! This emotional arrangment builds and builds to a tear-jerking finale!

This is a very unique arrangement.

Unique to tMP users, we're selling this for £20.00 but you have to order BEFORE midnight on Monday 12th January!

tMP users cannot miss out on this superb offer to have one of the most popular tunes in your pad, but not only that, It's an arrangment you'll enjoy! And that's the most important thing! :wink:

To buy this arrangement, all you have to do is send me a pm (NO EMAILS OR PHONE CALLS OR SNAIL MAIL) with your address.

The fact that you have pm'd me, will confirm that you're a member of tMP.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you will be the proud owner of one of our un-beatable arrangments!
Could you please explain how this is a 'give away'........perhaps I misunderstood the text.........but it gives the impression of a double glazing sales line!
apologies if Im just dim.

James McFadyen

New Member
giveaway refers our low price for ABIDE WITH ME for all tMP users.

the word giveaway was used as a zappy title to intice (not trick) users to visit this post - with all the other companies posting here, it's very difficult to get noticed easily.

Hope this clears it up.
Ok, however, I would say, that to 'give away', generally suggests that one is not expecting anything in return, which is not the case in this instance, and it really is misleading.

Perhaps a clearer gimmick to attract attention may be worth exploring in the future.
Bob, still loooking for a give away.........smiles

James McFadyen

New Member
You only have until Monday evening, so come on get those cheque books out and buy the arrangment! Im reducing it down to £10.00 for the first buyer and £15.00 for the second buyer!!

I would like to say we have a small delay in deliveries. This has been due to January orders and tMP contest winner, DiB, which all this music is still at the print shop to be run off.

James McFadyen

New Member
We have our first buyer! Bob Thompson bought a copy, so the 10.00 set is no longer available.

Hurry to get you hands on this arrangment of £15.00!

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