The tMP Copyright Factsheet

James McFadyen

New Member
Haveing read through the tMP Copyright Factsheet, I can totally recommend it and I commend the whole team who worked on it - very comprehensive!

I'm glad to see it touches from a publishers point of view in regards to photocopying music!!! :wink: So dinny be daein' it!

Anyhoo, well done to Roger Thorne, Philip Sparke, Dave Payn and Peter Bale!!!

Very comprehensive and useful guide to anyon wanting a how to guide on copyright and certainly a document to make the buyers think about the costs involved in Music Publishing!


James McFadyen

New Member
No I actually do think it is very good!

Although I'm still sticking by what I said earlier; In my experiences no copyright owner will grant me any licences or permission (in writing) without hearing it or seeing it first. This is definetly Music Sales Ltd policy - I have delt with them about copyright for MacArthur Park, All I have to Do is Dream and Pretty Woman. Was same scenario with The Corries with my arr of Flower of Scotland, Ronnie Browne wanted to see the score first before he granted me permission and signing the contract.


That said, I think that tMP Copyright Guide will inform everyone who needs to know the law of copyright! Good stuff!

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