The 'stage' name game....


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On the coach back from Cambridge the other week, the conversation turned to names, and so I instigated a round of the Stage Name Game...
It's really quite simple....
You take the name of your first pet, and your Mother's maiden name... and hey presto you have a stage name! (The name was originally destined for a certain kind of film, but in the interests of maintaining a family forum, I have adjusted accordingly)
We had some hilarious ones on the Band Bus.... Here goes then, mine is....
Hammie Halls
...not so funny, anyone else got any better ones?!?

Apologies if this has been done before...
Wallace Warriner - how good is that!

If I use my step-mum's maiden name and another pet i've had

Oscar Marshall - doesn't beat Wallace though


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Some good names - keep 'em coming guys! :lol: :lol: Tres amusant!
Perhaps some of these could be extras in the next installment of Death in the Box? :p

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