The second 5-a-side football tournament

Following the success of the United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band's 5-a-side football tournament held in June, we are holding a second one on Sunday 22 August 2004 at Old Brodleians RUFC, Hipperholme, West Yorkshire.

It will be run in a similar format, though this time we may have group matches first so everyone gets at least a couple of matches before they get knocked out by those that can play football!!

The cost is again £25 per team and any interested teams can e-mail Tabby Clegg at:

For more details log onto:

The Cornet King

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Utd Co-op Yorkshire PR said:
no - it will all take place on the same day - they will just be shorter matches - probably 5minutes each way.

Blooming good job. We all needed a respirator after 90 seconds of (very unfit) running. :oops:

Good luck with it Tabby. Hope it's as good as the last one was. Was great fun. Hopefully Emley can get a team together again and take revenge on Pennine! :D
Go on folks get your entries in, top quality day of fun.


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I will be with Alex in Holland but we'll have a grolsh for you and think about that tiring running :wink:


Any chance you can make sure somebody cuts the grass first too? That was a bit daft really-and put the pitch the other way round so u aint running uphill one half and down the other? We'll be there again.

Don't ask me I'm only the goalkeeper.


Yeah....sellers will defo be there!!!

Am not criticising at all, thought the last was a good doo. But i agree with crat, grass could be shorter and picth more level....perhaps the pitch which was beyond the trees??

Also, I thought the rule slackening during the tournament was a little unfair.. players playing for another team when theirs had been knocked out???? I didn't really think it was in the nature of the tournament...relaxed but competative!!!


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