The Red Machine (Graham)

Brian Bowen

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Peter Graham's new piece "The Red Machine"* includes a sizeable chunk of his "The Last Amen". I wonder if there's some sort of thematic link or did Peter simply raid his filing cabinet for a ready-made theme (a la Handel)?

*Heard (in rather poor sound) on the Internet relay from the Gramercy Music 10th Anniversary Concert.


You know what he's like, all his stuff is getting all the same, ie, Latin section, slow cornet solo etc etc. Not surprised there was a section from the Last Amen.


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There's a pretty big chunk of his quartet Timepiece in there too!

Dyke played this in Dorking last week (the night after the Gramercy concert?) and I was really disappointed. It had some beautiful passages and all the style you'd expect from Peter Graham, but it all sounded just a bit too recycled for me. :(

Ross Berry

I have to agree. I thought the same when I listened to it last night.

I suppose if you have a winning formula that you might as well stick with it.

I remember Len Ballantine saying once that he learnt from Eric Ball's writing that if you come up with a good idea, don't waste it by only using it once.

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