The Pitman (greenwood)



Looking for information on the march 'The pitman' (greenwood) for a guy in my band who used to play in wigan boys band about 50-60 years ago. Have found an old audio recording on you tube (old vinyl) but cant find any copies available or reference to it anywhere else. Anyone have any ideas? He really wants to play it again and would nice to get hold of it somehow.


vince turton

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Hi .Although I can't help with any info on recordings of The Pitman march ,I was interested in your reference to Wigan Boys Club Band.
I was a member of the band from about 1955 to about 1963, under the the baton of Mr William (Billy) Haydock. I remember playing that March both at Wigan Boys and Wingates.
I wondered whether your band colleague remembers me , Vince Turton.


Hello - I had this march on my weekly Sunday Bandstand radio show - Chris Helme - Sunday Bandstand 6 August 2017

There is a search facility on my show archive that will tell you if it is one of the 5000 + pieces I have played since 2014 - the show has been running since 2007 and I can search other files if the piece you are looking for is pre 2014. May be you would like to ask for a request on the show?

Old Silkstone Band recorded it 2004 and Wingates recorded it as well - Perspectives of Pretoria - Wingates Band - MHP1110 - Music House Productions.


Anno Draconis

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Coppull and Standish have it, or at least used to. We used it as a kind of 'signature march' for a while when I was there... And Wingates definitely have it, because I played it on the CD Chris mentions above. Perspectives of Pretoria is on iTunes if you want to download it, I think.