The Parr Band (St.Helens)


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Edit: for current vacancies and contact details see most recent posts

1st.Tutti Cornet(2nd man down) - Eb Bass - Bb Bass - 2nd Percussion.

This is a good 4th section band, (3rd section locally), which is getting even better. All we need now is the above chairs filled with good, sociable, regular players who like friendly and musically challenging rehearsals. We are currently preparing for Wychaven Entertainment Contest, Fleetwood and Wilkinsons ("Call of the Righteous"), plus a busy schedule of concerts and other events.

Please email me or send me a PM with your phone number.

TIMBONE (Tim Paton MD)
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SOP & 2nd man down,in or around St Helens

THE PARR BAND in St Helens, (home of Beechams Powders and the Wilkinsons Contest), is a warm, friendly, musical band with a warm, friendly, musical MD! 2 1st, 2 3rd, and 11th overall at Delph in the 2004 Whit Friday contest. 1st in their section at Wychavon Entertainment Contest. Best Bass section at Fleetwood. Best Cornet soloist at Wilkinsons. The Parr Band is a 4th section band, (3rd section in the North West), who are moving onwards and upwards. If you want the challenge of being a SOP or 2nd man down with Parr, then you know what to do - PM TIMBONE, or email, or phone him on 0771 352 0926. Tim would also like to hear from you if you play any other instrument, especially percussion and /or kit. You don't want to join a band who have already got there, it is far more exciting to conquer new territory! Remember, all roads lead to St Helens.

There are some lovely little Sop solos in the area test piece.
A CD is planned for April.
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At the rate things are going, I will have to do another arrangement of "My Way" - "And now the end is near"

No, not really, but it would be nice to do the area. We are OK for Preston. It would be a shame with all the exciting things planned for 2005, like the CD for instance.


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PARR St Helens/SOP/time is running out

I hear on the grapevine that a fine North West band folded tonight! Does this mean that PARR St Helens might get a SOP and a 2nd man down in time for the area? We need to sign someone before 13th February, the day before my 54th birthday! So how about an early present for the MD!


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SOLO HORN required - 3rd April

The Parr Band need a solo horn for the Tameside contest on 3rd April - 3rd section in the North West.


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can you do day transfers or borrow.. and is there a restriction on what sections you can borrow from?


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Aidan said:
can you do day transfers or borrow.. and is there a restriction on what sections you can borrow from?

Thanks for asking Aidan. Unfortunately, we can only borrow from 3rd or 4th section locally.


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im 4th section!!

i'd love to help you guys out, and i'm free!
when/where e.t.c
and how far are you away from the cw9 postcode, ive got my test before the 3rd of april so i may be driving by then.

kell x


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Hi,,, you can only get a day fransfer if you are already registered wit either a 4th or 3rd sec band if you want to help out the Parr band

Just Crazy

Do, Re, Mi, Fa! What rhymes with Fa?

Parr! (well almost!)

Well im here again.

Are you a cornet or sop player who feels like a change?

Dont just feel like it, Do it!

Come down to Parr (Richardson Ltd) Band.

We are a friendly band looking for 2 front row cornets and a sop.

Think you can help?

Want more info PM me

Hopefully see you soon.

P.s my spelling is rather bad. sorry

Just Crazy

They need you!

The Parr (richardson ltd) band St helens are looking for some players.

They are a friendly 4th section band

They are looking for a

Solo Horn

Front Row Cornets


Back row cornets


If you think we fit the bill, PM for further details.


Just Crazy

Calling all you percussionists!

Parr band (st helens) are looking for bass players and pecussionists to complete their band line up, they have just appointed a new MD who is looking forward to taking them to compete at fleetwood.

We are a friendly band of all ages, once youve been to visit you wont want to leave.

PM me for further details or e mail me on


Parr Band (St Helens)

Hi, This in an advertisement for the
Parr band (St Helens)
We are Currently in need of a:

. Soprano Cornet

. Eb and Bb Basses

. Solo Horn

If you are interested in coming down for a practice to see if you're interested add

to your msn and speak to me about the band

if you don't have msn and you're interested reply to my post


Look here if you need a new band

Hi, just posted this message to say that there is a band that needs your help, it is called the parr band (st helens).
It is a happy 3rd section band, :clap: with lots of friendly players. If you wish to come down for a blow, add this email address.

Also add any comments you wish on to this thread


Band in need of players with the right stuff

The Parr Band has vacancies for Soprano and Assistant Principal Cornet, Solo Horn , 2nd Euph , Percussion and Eb/Bb Bass to strengthen the band membership. (All other players are welcome)

Please contact the Secretary in confidence. The secratary's home phone number is, 01744 883157.

The Parr Band provides tuition on a Saturday for anyone (young or old) wishing to learn how to play a brass instrument. If you are interested please contact the Secretary for details.

If you have viewed this thread and wish to make a comment please feel free.
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