The Only One Left...


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There's no-one left on here :wow

Thought about playing tune association or person before on my own, but it wouldn't be much fun... :cry:


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Yay! :lol:

Well I was amused by the irony, been frantically making my posts between horrendous storms all day, then I finally get on without a storm and everyone dissappears! Starting to think I smell or something... :oops:


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Thursday's a popular day (or rather night) for rehearsals. There were a couple of days on here the other week when I felt very lonely. It's a bit like being in school with no kids in. Weird! :wow


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mikelyons said:
It's a bit like being in school with no kids in. Weird! :wow

HEAVEN!!! just like my workplace would be so much nicer if we didnt open it to the general public every morning :roll: . (i work in a theme park for those who didnt know)


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gullivers land milton keynes. its quite good there, but birng small children (you wont get in without them coz its desigened mainly for 3 - 13 year olds)


yes thursday is a very popular band night! I hate waiting for someone to reply on tune association etc! It's like waiting for a bus, none for ages then two at once! :lol:


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