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Hey thanks all for your kind words.
We are delighted and looking forward to the finals in Harrogate :clap:

Looking forward to meeting up with some tMP'ers south of the border.

Yeeha well chuffed MOY :tup :clap: :terrier :guiness :bounce ;-) :woo

Ta James Resurgam for a job very well done - all the shouting and swearing was worth it.


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Last of today's Scottish results through from 4barsrest ...

Fourth Section

Saturday 12 March
Commence: c.19.00
Draw: 15.30
Adjudicators: David Read, Ian Brownbill
Test Piece: Divertimento – Bryan Kelly

1. Broxburn Silver - C. McKenzie, 1, 185*
2. Coalburn Silver - G Bowman, 6, 181 *
3. Bon-Accord Silver 'B' - B. Wallace, 9, 180
4. Queensferry Community - J. Anderson, 5, 178
5. Dundee Instrumental (St Margaret's) - J. M. Tonner, 4, 177
6. Brass Sounds Inverclyde - A McCorkell, 2, 174
7. Penicuik Silver - F. Culross, 8, 172
8. Stranraer Brass - I. Munro, 7, 170
9. Dysart Colliery - F. Culross, 3, 169
Hawick Saxhorn - TBA, w

Another win from a number one draw! Well done Broxburn Silver and congrats to Coalburn getting the second promotion spot!


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groovy said:
I heard Campeltown and thought they were very good - surprised they weren't placed higher! well done everyone! We were satisfied with seventh as it was an improvement on last year, and a fair result as we made some mistakes.

Yup. How Campbeltown finished 6th is a mystery! Well done to Shotts and Selkirk on their qualification spots, and to Tullis and Newlands.

I'm still trying to figure out how on earth Dunfermline managed to finish 9th. :confused: Did anyone out there hear us? It sounded great from the stage, together, vastly in tune, and all the notes were there (apart from a few squeaks and splits which I will own up to :p ) We were gutted to say the least.


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Looking at the 1st section draw, this looks an intriguing contest! Going to be a very tightly fought one!


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It is indeed! Johnstone, Dalmellington and B & L in succsession!

I see the Scottish Co-op have drawn no1 - will they make it another band to win off the no1 draw this weekend?


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Interesting spread for the Championship draw, esp. Kingdom/Kirky locked together. I think the range of interpretation is going to be diverse for the simple reason that six bands are fighting for survival this year to remain at this level! Shame I can't be there ... tension is going to be high!


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Well done to everyone that played yesterday and good luck to the bands competing today, especially Newmilns and well down to KKB in the 1st section, good to see former Campeltown players doing well in other bands.

We didnt seem to impress the main 2 men in the hall, but reports from alot of other folk, bands and brass journalists certainly had us alot higher up, thankyou. We didnt hear anybody else so cannot comment on that, our 2 crits were quite good but had a few contrasting opinions from each of the men, were the two of them in the same hall?

What goes on back stage when they tally up the results, do the adjudicators need to be there and find out who was who, can they not just give Allan their results when they come straight out box? We all dont know whats happening back there....

I know we were all gutted after the results but I am proud how well our band played and after all the hard work we put in, feel sorry for Craig for all the time and travelling he put in to work with us, and not to come away with a better result for him but thats banding for you!! A good piece for a change that has Im sure, raised everybodys game and the overall standard of the 3rd section.

Abit of a farce concering bus parking at the hall tho, could they not just clear that car park outside for the weekend and just have it for the buses? Something that needs to be looked at if contests are going to continue there.

I know a certain man that put the adjudicators in their place back stage!! ;)


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First Section Results (From 4barsrest)

Sunday 13 March
Commences: 11.00
Draw: 09.30
Adjudicators: David Read, Steve Prichard-Jones
Test Piece: Comedy Overture – John Ireland

1. Johnstone Silver - G. Linsay, 6, 189*
2. Kirkintilloch Kelvin - A. Orr, 5, 186*
3. Dalmellington - A. Hutchison, 7, 185
4. Clackmannan District - J. Scott, 4, 184
5. Dunaskin Doon - J. Boax, 2, 183
6. Arbroath Instrumental - M. Robertson, 3, 181
7. Kilmarnock Concert Brass - J. Smith, 1, 180
8. Broxburn & Livingston - A. Samson, 8, 179
9. Barrhead Burgh - B. Keachie, 9, 178

* Qualifiers for finals

Well done to KKB, good to see some former Campbeltown players getting a result this weekend!! :clap: ;)


Well done to all the winners and losers. I heard that Cambletown played well too but as always it is the adjudicator. Agree with the farce of the bus parking. Well done big Mark and Newlands, thought the 3rd section standard was very high. Big well done to Granite and David James and fantastic result for Lochgelly.


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Championship Section - Results

Sunday 13 March
Commences: 15.00
Draw: 12.00
Adjudicators: David Read, Steve Prichard-Jones
Test Piece: Overture to Rienzi - Wagner

1. Newtongrange Silver - A. Ramsey, 9, 190*
2. Whitburn - A. Duncan, 7, 189*
3. Scottish Co-op - N. Childs, 1, 188
4. Kirkintilloch - S. Bastable, 5, 188
5. Kingdom Brass - R. Farr, 4, 186
6. Unison Kinneil - R. Tennant, 3, 185
7. Bon-Accord Silver - D. Beckley, 8, 184
8. Bo'ness & Carriden - J. Hinckley, 10, 183
9. Newmilns & Galston - C. Anderson, 6, 182
10. Bathgate - T. Swainson, 2, 181

* Qualifiers for finals

Courtesy of 4barsrest
Congrats to Alan Ramsey and the lads and lasses at Newtongrange! Wow, what a result well done to you and Whitburn. Hard lines on the Co' missing out but awful draw you had.


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Brilliant result for Nitten, really deserved for a great bunch of people who took what happened 2 years ago on the chin and bounced back last year (with help from yours truly) and onwards to this great result (without yours truly) and never let any of the crap written about their supposed downfall get to to them.



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WOW! Congratulations to Newtongrange, what a result! Pity I couldnt make it to Dundee today, the start of a good year I hope!

All the best!


Watched all the Championship bands today and must say I agree with Newtongrange winning.. the emotion that was needed in that piece was certainly there.
My predictions were slightly different from the men in the box.. i had kirky alot further up.


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What a fantastic weekend!!! I'm surprised you didn't hear the roar that went up from Lochgelly when the result was announced throughout tMP-land ;D

Thanks to James Chamberlain (flugel at Whitburn) for preparing the band so well and for the most inspired warm-up ever (we'll just play the first four bars then you can all relax - nothing else we can do to it now)!

Congratulations to my pals at Tullis for a superb 3rd place - pity you didn't get 2nd and we could've had a right old Fife party at the Nationals.

Well done Borfeo - Newlands seem to be there or thereabouts every contest you take them to these days. Pity I didn't bump into you but maybe we'll manage a wee pint at the Fife next month.

Congrats to Lozzah and Bon Accord 'B' on their 3rd place - sorry we couldn't stay and listen then meet up but the lure of a victory party back in Fife was too much.

Special award for managing to remain more or less vertical despite a huge amount of imbibed spirit goes to Lauradoll who, along with Ali Hall, ended up partying with Lochgelly late into the night ;D


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Sorry to say imissed the winning performance but had to leave early to get the good lady home. well done to Newtongrange must be a long time back the last time a band won the title straight after coming up from 1st. Enjoyed all the first seven bands and cant really fault the final order of the bands i heard too much. really enjoyed Coop of no1 and whitburn had a excitement in the performance. well done to all and especially again Newtongrange.

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