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Crazysop said:
Cool I've waited all week for this!! Our Writeup!!!
"Following them on stage was the Middleton Band. Carl Whiteoak who conveyed obvious encouragement to his band, took them to within a whisker of a Finals place in a performance that flowed with conviction. The band control and dynamic shape helped balance warmth with exhilarating vigour and we had them just to pip Eccleston in our final mix."

Quite a good review eh?!!? i was impressed! i like it when we get nice remarks!! tameside next....
"Should Jose Mourinho claim the Barclays Premiership title in England with Chelsea it will have taken him nine months to achieve his goal. That is nothing though compared to John Collins and Oldham (Lees) Band, as it has taken them just seven months however to claim glory as they did in the Fourth Section on Sunday morning."

- We liked this bit :clap:


i think by young band they mean 1 thats just starting to make its mark (i dunno!)

the 4barsrest guys reali loved the principal cornet o leyland! ok cos she's female, understandable! but they also seem to REALLY like Mark Peacock our MD! at least they only sed he has a "touch of class about him" and not "very beautiful (and we mean beautiful)" lol!


I don't mind them drooling over beautiful cornet players and making sarcastic comments about conductors and players dress etc long as they keep it to themselves!
I think their comments are very cheap and tacky and going off what other people are saying 4barsrest is loosing alot of its respect.
Its about time they grew up!


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kate_the_horn said:
you can't but notice the amount of youngsters that are learning to enjoy brass banding here with them.

eermm in our band theres only 2 under 18s.
one euphonium and our percussionist (17/16)

and eevn if i am taken into account (18)
and our rather young looking solo trom player (19 goin on 20)

the nearest is about 26.

im confused!

kel x

Yes but I also look a lot younger than I am;) ...
BTW, who's 26?! Sissons is only about 20, then it's Alex at 31...
Oh, whatsisface i suppose, but he's only an interloper...:p
sterlingsop said:
Not professional, not consistent, and not a fan of the lower sections.

considering one of them, if not a few actually play for lower section bands how can they not be a fan of them?


North West Area Contest

I Think4barsrest Do A Great Job And They Covered The Sections Well At Blackpool And There Reporters Come From Bands Or Have Played In Bands Of All Sections. Sometimes Its Not Possible To Give A Full Account But Overall They do a fine job for the band movement as a whole.


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The thing about 4barsrest is to not take it too seriously. Most of the news section is submitted I think, and they let you comment. But we've all heard about the 4barsrest kiss of death!

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