My orchestra is through to London!!! :D

Just wondering if anyone else entered in any of the catagories and if anyone is going to London too!


The Beaumaris Youth Band will be playing in this year's Music For Youth (i think on the 8th of July).

I once played in it with the Gwynedd and Mon Brass Band in 2000 (i think!) where we won the outstanding chievement award. We then went on to perform in the RAH, what an awesome experience!
Rochdale Youth got through... I know that much.

We won the outstanding performance award 2 consequtive years the last 2 years I was playing for Rochdale... went to the Albert Hall too. Was absolutely fantastic!! Last year our little baby band got through to the albert hall.... they looked so cute on that massive stage, swinging their legs cos their feet didnt touch the floor!! :lol: how cute! The youth band went and played the fanfare too! How high is it up on that balcony?!!?! :shock:


Egglsecliffe School Have 6 different groups down:

Our brass band :bounce:D
Our Symphony Orchestra
The Jazz Trio
The Soul Band
A chamber choir
A folk group

Dave Euph

I'm pretty sure my old band, Shropshire Youth, will be going down to London come July for the brass band event. I might go myself and play with them if I'm not too busy (and let's face it - right now, I'm not!)


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I see my old school orchestra has got through again (Lancaster Grammar Schools' Orchestra -actually two schools (boys and girls) that's why they have to compete in the music centre section. I did it back in 1998!!!!

Good luck to anyone who's playing, the RFH is a great venue.
I'm not going this year! In Scotland on a school music tour - hence the school not even trying to enter - however Youth Brass 2000 didn't get in this year, apparently there are about twice as many entrants as there normally are!
yea well none of these bands are gonna win - theres a welsh band due to win, and a county band - jus like last year, and the year before, and the year before!


herefordshire youth concert band have got through! first ever competition we've entered (shame about our brass band not getting through though, oh well, always next year!)

well done everyone else who got through and good luck for festival hall!

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