The mouthpiece age range?

What ages are the visitors to

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God I feel old looking down some of this list!! I'm now 31 years 8 months and 5 days old.. Mind you that's not as bad as my Dad feels when I remind him I am his youngest!!

I do try and make up for it though by thinking and usually acting like a crazy mixed up kid, balancing on the knife-edge of society, with intergalactic space ships buzzing round my head!
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don't worry! i just put my band uniform on because i've got a gig this afternoon and haven't got time to come home from church before i go. normally this doesn't bother me in the slightest, but because of the heat and the mood i'm in, i've not put my tie on yet and my shirt's untucked, meaning i feel like a schoolgirl, despite being 19! what doesn't help the fact is i have a plaster on my knee like i've just fallen over in the playground!! :S
Male 29

30 the week after the nationals, all drinks gratefully accepted.

The last time I played in the nationals I was 18. Now I feel old!!!


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Good to see I am just in the young group (just) I don't want to be in that 26-35 bracket. Chris you are not old yet you have a couple of months left hehe :tongue:


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Charmed said:
:eek: Well some people would love to be in that 26-35 bracket! ;)
I am still in there (just) getting closer to the outer limits of that age bracket and at an alarming rate. In case I haven't already answered(can't be bothered to go back through all the posts) I became/achieved/sufferd 32 years old on 16th July.



This poll's really useful for new members as it gives you an idea of the age of the majority of the people you're addressing when submitting posts...which is quite young isn't it?
I hadn't realised I'd actually posted on this thread already until I read back through it... ooops.... 31 now and fast approaching 32..... happy days......