The Maunsell Forts-John Macabe

scott clark

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Does anybody know if there has been a recording of the Maunsell forts by John Macabe which was used at the British Open two years ago.


Radio Three Broadcast the winning (Cory) and runners-up (Fodens) preformances on consecutive weeks about a month after the Open 2002, and I have a tape somewhere... Presumably though the bands will have had the recordings made available to them? If so, hunt for someone who played at the contest and ask if they have a copy! Alternatively, I suppose you could email the BBC?

If you have any luck then please post back!
I can't believe there were two broadcast performances of this piece and I missed them both! I'm sure it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the band press or did I miss it? I have to say that, whilst I am a great fan of John McCabe's music for band, I did struggle on the day, so much so that when it got to about band 12 or 13 and there was only really Cory to come so I went home, however, I did have the pleasure of seeing the music come alive on the score from the Fodens performance, and it was one of those moments when all of a sudden everything made sense, due in no small part to the marvellous Mr. Tovey.

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