The Man in the TENT!!!!


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With all the publicity over recent years concerning match betting and bungs within professional sport, could this be happening at contests. I have been to numerous contests and after all the bands have played there is a general buzz as to who has won, from the players etc, then the results come out and every one agree's apart for the odd contest. A band no one thought had a chance, to many splits, intonation problems etc, and they come in the placings.
Are the adjudicators required to hand in mobile phones? Disable the ring tone or text message tone and you can receive info on what band is on.
This is pure conjecture, and there is no evidence to suggest this happens. I just thought I'd post this to see what you all think out there. :!: :dunno

Okiedokie of Oz

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I wanna know when the TAB will start taking bets on Brass band events!!!

$100 on Russia to win the world Championships!!!!!! :twisted:

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