The Licensing Bill - How does it affect us


Hi All,

Does anyone know much about the new licensing bill?

I will explain why I am asking - then someone may be able to help.

My band for the last 20 or so years have organised something we call a Musik Fest. Basically what happens is over the weekend (Fri and saturday night) we have several brass bands, soloists, singers, groups and dancers. During which our band provides waiter (and waitress) service to the paying public - we server alcohol. This event is always very hard work for all involved but is very rewarding and the band can normally raise a reasonable amount of money for all the effort put in. The room we always use is a local College sports hall and it is an ideal venue. This however is where the problem comes in, we are the only group that would want to use the hall for live music and to serve alcohol - according to a couple of people we've spoken to it sounds as though we may need a license now to do this and it could cost us as much as 400 pounds - this is a huge dent from the revenue of the concert.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas that we could use.

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