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Mindless bureaucracy specifically designed to make your life more awkward...

Driving back from band last Monday, I was pulled over for having the passenger-side headlight out - the side light was providing some illumination on that side, so I hadn't noticed it, but the main bulb had gone. There were three officers in the car, two of whom were training. As they were training, everything had to be done absolutely properly... Took quite a while to take all the details they wanted, though they were very chirpy about it. Have whiled away half-hours in less pleasant ways.
They asked me to have the problem fixed, and gave a form for a certified MOTer to stamp to say that it had been fixed, and also requested me to turn up at my local police station within the week bearing this stamped form, my licence (both parts), my insurance certificate, and my MOT certificate.
Okay, so I changed the bulb, took it round to the garage, shone the lights at the man there, got him to stamp the form... Dug out my licence... Dug out my insurance certificate... Cannot find my MOT certificate, damn, wonder where that's gone? Turned the house upside-down looking for it, can't find it anywhere. Spoke to the garage to see if they can reprint it - yes, but it'll cost £10, and shouldn't the police just be able to check its validity online anyway? Rang up the police station to ask whether it's really necessary to produce a hard copy, spoke to a helpful lady on the front desk who said that it wasn't if I couldn't find it, that they could just look at the other documents, then pass a request on to another department to do the online looking-up...

So I showed up just now with everything but the MOT certificate, and explained that I didn't have it handy, and had been assured over the phone that I didn't need it. The response of the man on the front desk? "Got to see it in front of me, the officer requested it on this form". I queried him politely, citing his colleague's words on the phone; his response? "Got to see it in front of me, the officer requested it on this form". I asked him what seeing a hard copy would achieve that seeing it online wouldn't; his response? "Got to see it in front of me, the officer requested it on this form". Like talking to a robot.

****** jobsworth. It's not a big hassle for me, and it's only a small expense - I just rather resent somebody wilfully and specifically making my life marginally more awkward in order to avoid having to think even slightly...
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I agree, dierdre. People like that should be taken out back and shot.

I'm sure, if it were the other way round, said jobsworth would have been screaming at the man who was being difficult for the sake of being difficult.


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Like I already said I would've turned up with the weblink on a piece of paper and said show me to your nearest computerybob and I'll show u evidence. £10 my buttocks!


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The garageman was as helpful as the policeman was unhelpful - printed a new one out on the spot and refused to charge me.

Mind you, he knows that he'll get another £500 off me come January to coax my decrepit vehicle through another MOT... :eek:


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That is a hell of a bargain either way.

For anyone who's interested this is the link

Ta, Geoff. Don't think it would have made any difference though - the chap explicitly said that all he was interested in was seeing the hard copy so as to fulfil the exact arbitrary stipulations of the form. The point of the form seemed to have been completely abstracted from his mental processes with regard to the situation.


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People who turn up to give an INSET, supposedly on something that has been asked for by staff, but completely and utterly useless, despite the fact that they are creaming it in for doing this dross and obviously laughing all the way to the bank.:hammer:


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Dare I say that some of this 'teaching and learning' bull-poo is ridiculous. Lesson aims and success criteria are a waste of staff time really, and as for the delivery of literacy sessions during pupil registrations they know where to stick that. And really is the world's slowest software.


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People who don't appreciate the effort that you have to make to do stuff, but in fact are really ungrateful and do nothing to help...and then go on to complain about the stuff you've done not being good enough....


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Making yourself a hot drink whilst you´re busy doing something, then return to it just as the temperature has dropped beneath the acceptable level.

Losing my licence for being 0.02mg of alcohol over the limit, having to take my test again and then contest with 20% of the island´s drivers who passed their test by gifting a quart of home made Pinot Grigio and a basket of olives to the sergeant.....who incidentally believe the way to approach a junction is to launch halfway out into the main road from nowhere, THEN look to see if anything is coming, forcing you to brake hard, or swerve towards oncoming traffic.

Having every Premiership game screened live, watching my favourite team live, then wanting to see the repeat of the highest scoring game, but instead finding the dullest 0-0....shown 5 times.

Hearing Brit ex-pats whine about the incessant heat of summer. Why move here if you don´t like it hot?

!"·$%&/ Jellyfish....where´s the point???

Useless Maltese MDs who hire in my rent-a-trumpet section family to provide melodies to an otherwise tuneless load of ****e, then only criticise us in the whole band for being too loud when there are others playing in the wrong key and French horn playing the whole of a Eb horn 4 part work without noticing.

Trying to find a specific Michael Jackson live recording on YouTube and having to sift through 350 odd Hollywood Funeral exclusives first.

That´ll do for now.