The FIRST WorldWide Brass Band Challenge

Not open for further replies. are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring and hosting the FIRST WorldWide Brass Band Challenge.

All details can be found from a link on

The Entry Fee Includes the price and purchase of the test piece which is aimed at UK Level Top 2nd Section to Mid 1st Section bands.

Please make sure that You and Your bands take part as we are aiming to make this a huge success this year, and for years to come.

You will never have chance to say that you were in the FIRST WorldWide Brass Band Challenge ever again, so make this one count.

Some of you will be familiar with our adjudicators, and they are as excited as we are to be part of this wonderful event.

Everybody can contact me direct with any questions you may have, but the rules have already been finalised, and you will see them via

My email:

Welcome to the Future.....

Mark :)


It really is a great idea it's just a shame it's right around the spring conest! I know the reaction will be whatever time of year they do it it will affect some band somewhere in the world but as May 13th will affect most UK bands apart from the top 10 it is a shame for us as I'm sure it will immediately reduce the number of entries from the UK. But like I say it is a cracking idea, and with the entry fee being so much (not a complaint as such) it means the prize money will probably be the biggest on offer ever.


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I think you bring up a great point Lewis, but keep in mind that the test piece is 1st/2nd section standard. Most of the bands at the spring festival are champ standard so...hopefully, there won't be too much conflict in interest.


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I've got to say it - this may seem like a good idea, and for something different, this event may interest quite a few. But I do hope this is not the future of contesting! Reading through the rules it seems anything goes! And one of the things I enjoy about contests, is the occassion itself. The preparation, the nerves on stage, the achievements (hopefully), and drowning your sorrows in a pint at the bar afterwards. To me, this is what makes a contest great. There is too much technology making life easier, please let's not go that way with brass bands!

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I wonder how other factors in the recording will play into the adjudication part of it.

For instance, if it's a poor recording - will that affect the score? After all, a poor recording could hide some bad intonation and/or poorly-tuned players along with other issues. Not everybody has proper recording equipment for such a task. And scheduling a studio session might not be possible for some bands, either for timing or expense.

Plus, a recording tends to take away from a performance. Either the recording process or the playback equipment can mess the sound up.

Not to mention the whole idea that someone could potentially 'cheat' by using a recording that's not original and/or intended for that particular contest. Possibly re-engineering another recording is possible and happens all the time. And it's too accessible anymore.

It sounds like if this is the 'future' of contesting, it will become a 'sport' for the rich... just like many other hobbies have done.
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