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Hello to all you people here on the mouthpiece. This is my first post and I do not really want to get off on the wrong foot BUT the results in the finals were a bit off. Many people may say that i am being biased when writing this as I am the Solo Horn player for Phoenix West Midlands Brass. But to anybody that listened to the performances would have known that we did not deserve to finish 9th. Also Trinity Girls did not deserve 4th. Fair play to the bands that finished Top 3 you obviously did better than us on the day but 9th is a bit harsh. I would like to here the views of other people on this not just about Phoenix WM brass but the result as a whole.

Roger Thorne

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Phoenixhorn said:
This is my first post and I do not really want to get off on the wrong foot BUT . . .
. . . I'm going to anyway :D

Welcome to the Phoenixhorn.

With the exception of your result we trust you've had a good weekend up in Dundee. Unfortunately I couldn't be there, but have followed the proceedings over on 4BarsRest, and having read the brief reports that appeared about each band and then compared them to the results, I must admit they don't all make a lot of sense.

It will be interesting to hear who actually had a 'bad day at the office' or
'who waz robbed'.

Oh! The joys of contesting :lol:



The adjudication in the 3rd section was (For me anyway) spot on. Both myself and my band think the same Duncan and Roy did a very good job.
For my money the 1st section was a shocking result.
Having heard the majority of the bands I had the placings nowhere near the adjudicators - but what do I know. The placing in particular which got me was Kibworth. 4 Bars Rest have remarked that there were a lot of splits in their performance, but I didn't hear them, and their sound was a class above anything else I heard all day. If I were them I'd be extremely annoyed to be just a place above Bon-Accord, who nearly fell apart at the beginning..........
did we really diserve 9th? remarks said lots ov good things just to loud in parts, even said good euphs :D a few times, but listening to a few bands that finnished above us i think we was alot better! anyone ells think so, also Boarshurst should ov been a lot higher from what i heard.


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Congratulations to the top 3 winners of 4th section but further congratulations to Trinity girls who played a blinder and certainly should have been higher placed. To everyone at Phoenix West Midlands Brass you played Call of the Sea beautifully and I am extremely proud to be associated with you. We did not deserve 9th place by any stretch of the imagination but nevertheless it has been a great experience to go and we'll continue to prove ourselves x


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I am a member of United Co op Band (Crewe) and we were 3rd yesterday in the 1st section.
We didn't play as well as we have done in the bandroom (who does?) but were extremely pleased with our result and many people we spoke to agreed we deserved it.
Kibworth, I think, were probably favourites and it is a shock they weren't in the top 6 but that's banding. I agree there were a couple of surprises in the top 6 but if I had to single a band out who I felt were hard done by it would be Friary Guildford. I thought they were excellent and really did justice to the Eric Ball music.
I'm sure the next person who reads this and was at the contest would name another band they thought shoyuld have been in the frame.
I would say that you were shocked at the result but it certainly wasn't a 'shocking' result.
We didn't think so and neither did Horden or Milnrow!


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Why are the full results for the 2nd section not being shown anywhere, am I missing something???
does anyone know the results? :?:


Roy Taylor said:
I knew that link was there but it's only showing the draw and not the full results, it's the same on 4barsrest.

It is there, it's just badly worded. It is "Result - Band Name - Draw".

I first read it like you...


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Congratulations to wardle but having heard some comments during the rest of the weekend how could Phoenix WM Brass have played so well and only finished 9TH :(


From what the adjudicators said as they summed up:
"Only two bands got the piece spot on the rest were much as a muchness (I am paraphrasing as I was slightly drunk at the time!!) a lot of bands got the tempos too slow" as with most contests if you play it like they want you do well etc. etc.
I cannot comment on playing as I heard us (well from the middle of the band!!) and the last two bands (whilst waiting for the results!!!).
Often you play well (or think you do!) but if there are a few too many splits/intonation probs then it causes probs!!!

satchmo shaz

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Hi there, apparently My brother heard a lot of bands and he had trinity up there and also us (Long Eaton) and he was a bit surprised that Phoenix were'nt a bit higher, I know how you feel........ we were placed 18th last year!!........ we thought we were gonna be top 6!! :roll:


I'm a mouthpiece virgin so I hope I've done this right!!

I can't understand being slated for tempo's. The duration of the piece is 9min.... our performance was 9mins 4secs... You mean we we were 4 seconds to slow? :shock: :) Whatever happened to artistic expression?!

Anyway... I know it's a cheesey thing to say but a sincere well done to everyone that went to Dundee. A great time was had by all... we think!! :guiness


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well done to all of the bands who finished in the top three

hope everybody else enjoyed the weekend as much as we did


Have I just spoken to you Larry? If so, I'm soooooo relieved!!!! :lol: :lol:

Oh... and by the way, I know who you are Captain!!! :D

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