The film Brassed Off

Does anyone know the make of the flugel that Tara Fitzgerald "plays" in the film Brassed Off? It looks like a very old model. The question is being asked on a trumpet site? Perhaps we might be able to answer the question. Thanks


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Can't help with the Flugel Horn, but I'd love to know where I can get hold of one of those BBb Basses that change from a 'continental' Tuba into a Sovereign during the walk to the rehearsal room............. :wink:


thats it--spent an hour on google to no avail.
Just have to accept it was an old gold or brass one-sorry I did try
Thanks for trying....Noel Langley has answered the question....apparently it's a Clippertone model made by Hawkes before they merged with Boosey. We live and learn! :lol:

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