The Exorcist....

Ah, superb! Got directed to that a bit back, when they had Apocolypse Now in 30 seconds and with bunnies as well. Cracking stuff! I think they've took that one down now though, which is a shame.


Active Member! Probably not the same without sound (computer screaming "the power of christ compels you!!" probably wouldn't do my job prospects any favours...) but still strangely satisfying...


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my laptop started screaming 'the power of christ compells you'!!! in the library.... needless to say i got thrown out.
it didnt detract from the humour though. that is, quite honestly, the funniest thing i have seen for a long time!!!

does that make me twisted?[/i]


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Lol, well I found that quite amusing (but watched it at school so had no sound! :? )
I'll watch it later with sound!

2nd man down

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Its amazing, even with the sound off you can tell what they're saying lol.
I'll watch it with sound later, very funny.

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