The Event - Good News from the BBC


Liz Smith - Euph or 2nd Trombone
Last time I played in a graded band was 15 years ago; 1st Bari for 2nd section City of Brum before we had a championship section. :)


Jo -percussion- kit or tuned (currently play for Imps)....can almost definitely play but need to wait for my boss to get back next week to confirm time off...


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Rebecca Winn - 2nd horn
Barnton Band, Cheshire.

Will share taxi from New Street to Pebble Mill/wherever if necessary. Obviously not to Mailbox. :roll:

This'll be a good warm-up for our concert on 22nd...



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Rachel Higginson - flugel, Champ section

What good timing! It's the dental trade show in Brum that weekend so I'll be there from the Thursday getting free biros!

Rach x


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I'm gonna have to withdraw my hat form the ring. We've got a contest that weekend and a rehearsal planned for that night!! I ought to be there in my position!!! lol

Sorry for a problems caused!


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sure why not :)
friday is my day off from college anyways
as long as i can hitch a lift with someone... (doran!!!)


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Vickitorious said:
Vicki Reynolds, 1st horn, Hathern Band and NYBBGB
Diane Reynolds, baritone

Vickitorious (my daughter) put me down to play, but then I saw you wanted tMP members only, so now I've got my own membership. I can bring myself, Vickitorious and Kat (the flugel/cornet) and we have all been given time off.

Roger Thorne

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Welcome to The Dinie.
Thanks for registering.
Looking forward to meeting you all on the 21st November.


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