The Event - Good News from the BBC


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dyl said:
super_sop said:
Craig Foskett. Principal cornet Wem Jubilee (willing to do anything to play on telly!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Great news - we have someone who's willing to dress as Pudsey Bear! ;)

This is a good response so far guys - keep 'em coming.....
LOL no problem, as you saw fome sunday, im willingto wear anything!


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Count me in!

Back Row Cornet OR Percussion (kit/tuned) which ever you need,

Will Give lifts if needed from Leeds,


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children in need

Available for the 21st November on Flugel/cornet.
Available as a pair with Vicki Reynolds on horn.

Member of Enderby Youth Band in Leicester


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Neil Twist - Bass Trom, 1st section

double size, does that mean 2 bass troms?

I'm baggsying a spot then!


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geordiecolin said:
Colin Harding - EEb Bass

Lift would be needed from either sheffield or B/Ham Station

I think there'll be a lot of people wanting a lift from the station, any ideas?


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I'm almost certain I'm available, or can be. I should be able to say for definite in a day or two.

Ian Fishwick, 2nd Euph (but would rather play 1st or 2nd trombone)

Roger Thorne

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neiltwist said:
I think there'll be a lot of people wanting a lift from the station, any ideas?
We appreciate that this may cause some concern at the moment, but
once we have our tMP band we will be able to sort out any transport problems that arise.
We are working very hard behind the scenes collating as much information as possible and will post it here when it becomes available.



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I'm sure venues etc have been sorted but it may be worth noting that BBC in Birmingham is now based at the Mailbox (about 100yds from New Street Station - and on the floor above my bosses!!!). Not sure on studios etc, but worth noting.


Roger Thorne

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Thanks Darren,

The BBC are moving next year from their Pebble Mill studios to a new location in Birmingham called the Mail Box - however, they are still in negotiations with their landlords regarding when, what, etc etc. They are also looking to do the Children in Need show this year from that location, but need to negotiate this temporary occupation of a building not yet ready for them with the landlords.
As we've said already, as soon as we have the information we will post it on here.



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Michelle Garbutt Baritone Murton Colliery
Stan Garbutt BBb Bass Murton Colliery
3rd section

We can give lifts from Hartlepool, Durham Area
Hilary Mateer
2nd Eb Bass 1st/Champ section

I have managed to swap a days holiday and so will we able to play.
I could play Bb if necessary and if I can beg an instrument

I can give lifts from the Sheffield area if anyone is interested

Di B

solo_euph said:
Kevin Short Solo Euph 1st section

You are still in 2nd section till 2004! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyway, tis the standard of player what counts and their 'camerafriendlyness' on telly! :twisted:


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Roger Thorne said:
Post in this Thread ONLY if you are still available and the instrument or position you normally play in your own band.

ie: Joe Bloggs - 2nd Cornet.

hey we can't let too many Joe Blogg's take the 2nd Cornet Seats... that is my position :lol:
Well if I have permission to miss my own bands rehearsal :wink: then I'm available for the following:

Kari Anson 1st Horn - Wem Jubilee Band - only able to get to Birmingham for 4pm (if that's any use).

Edit: Permission Granted (RT)


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Paul Lynch - 1st/2nd Trombone
2nd Section

Even if I can't get the day off work I'll only be at work till 12, and then I can fling myself down the M6 to be there for about 2. Might even be able to bunk off even earlier to get there for 1. And if I catch my boss in a charitable mood I may be able to get the day off without it going toward my holidays by pulling my hours around during the week....


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Moira Ross (Solo Horn - Granite City Brass - 1st Section)
I would ask for a days unpaid leave if I thought it was going to go ahead and make a weekend of it.
PS Will play any horn part :wink:

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