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ANNOUNCEMENT: The English Federation of Brass Bands is here to serve its members and to build on our heritage for tomorrow's generation. We intend to host the inaugral English Championships next year for English bands with a qualifying contest. European Brass Band Association will be asked to consider making the contest a European qualifier. Go to to find out more about us.

Read the British Bandsman this week![/b]


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This is indeed a bold move, but one that will pay off in my opinion. Only time will tell, and good luck!


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It sounds like the void from the All England International Masters (or whatever it is now called) may be filled.

Props to the EFBB!!


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What a great Idea..will give English bands a route into the European Championchips.
i.does anyone know when the New English Championchips will be held ?
ii is it just open to Championchip section bands or is it open to all members of the EFBB? would it not be an idea to put each area champion up for this competition ?
iii. does the fee payed to the EFBB compare with the BFBB?
iv. nice to see links to Scottish Ass. but where is the link to TMP?


Sounds like a plan.

However, are the Scottish and Welsh to be looked after in their own right too? A potential qualifier for each country could be interesting.

Devolution in banding, what next!

Great idea hope it comes off

James Yelland

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Well, on the face of it, this looks like a very imaginative enterprise.

Two comments, though: firstly, subscription. As the BFBB will no doubt testify, charging bands an unrealistically low subscription (in this case, £50 p.a.) severely restricts your activities, irrespective of good intention. £25 for individual membership, on the other hand, is more like it, and in line with subscriptions to many other organisations of all different types. Let people who want to support this idea show their commitment by putting their hand into their own pocket, not the band bank account, and provide the organisation with a realistic income which it can use to further its policies.

Secondly: the EFBB show commendable imagination, with policies including an English National Brass Band, an Ombudsman, and a health partnership to encourage asthmatics to take up brass. So it is rather surprising that nowhere in this fine venture is the commissioning of original music mentioned. Surely this is merely an oversight, caused by the inability of the EFBB to cope with the flood of ideas?!

Incidentally, I wonder if any thought has been given as to how a developing EFBB might impinge on the activities of the BFBB, and whether it might be detrimental? Just a thought.


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nickjbeaumarisband said:
..nice to see links to Scottish Ass. but where is the link to TMP?

Thanks Nick... it does annoy me slightly when people use tMP for their benefit (which is totally fine by the way) but then fail to add us in their links pages when they are happy to include other sites in there...

I'll email them later and hopefully they may add a link to us. Thanks for the supoprt... :tup


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jambo said:
Sounds like a plan.

However, are the Scottish and Welsh to be looked after in their own right too? A potential qualifier for each country could be interesting.

Devolution in banding, what next!

Great idea hope it comes off
the scottish and welsh have their own areas, i think the winner of those becomes welsh/scottish champions and gets the euro invite.


I spoke to Simon Oates today, the new CEO of the EFBB.

If ever there was a person enthusiastic about Banding and the movement in it's entirety, SImon is the one. The whole lack of a movement that manages and decides our route into Europe, has been a particular gripe of mine for a while.

I hope a lot of Bands see this as a positive step forward, not wanting to upset anyone at all, yet advancing the Movement as a whole.

Watch this space, as I am sure this can be a good move forward.




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It certainly looks to be an interesting development if it proves to have the support of the bands. There would seem to be a lot of issues to be resolved, however, particularly if they are to run a contest as a qualifier for the English place in the European Championships. As they have stated that their contests would only be open to bands who have paid their annual subscription that would seem to make membership of the organisation compulsory for any band wishing to qualify, which may cause some concern. Equally, as others have said, will bands want to support the EFBB as well as the BFBB?

Regarding there being no specific mention of commissioning new music, I wouldn't worry too much in that score as they have pledged in their first paragraph to suport the promotion of band music, and I certainly like the idea of supporting workshops and subsidising soloists sharing platforms with member bands.

It will certainly be interesting to see how things develop - and the tMP link is there now :wink:


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I would like to thank everyone for their kind comments so far and words of encouragement.
It will be my intention to utilise funds available appropriately and will hope to commission new works and hope that Board will share in that view.
I hope this week to announce the full steering Board of Directors in place to adapt / adopt the constitution and start to recruit member bands. We are still looking for interested administrators throughout the regions and encourage you to persuade your band administrator to apply.
Regional Directors will be responsible for the implementation of National policy at local level and to become the contact point for all bands within their repsective area.
Please apply to
(forgive me if there should be link there!)
Regards to all tMP readers.
Simon Oates


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Can anyone confirm the following:-

Is Simon Oates the solicitor who is fighting the corner for Fodens in the Leylandgate issue at the area?

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