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Welcome to the Devilish Publishing Hub!!

This is the place to find out about all our promotional offers, free stuff, new services, new music, whatever it may be.

Please feel free to use this hub to suggest new services, new improvements, etc!!

We have many exciting features due to come out during the course of 2004, so please keep visiting us on a regular basis.


To date here's what we offer:

A range of sheet music for a variety of ensembles.

V-Library - your ultimate guide of 'how to's' for all things music related. Why not submit your own!!

VirtualScore - we take ur music scores and put them to life with our top-of-the-range sample libraries. Everything from Renaissance to Dance Music and everything in between.

Music Typesetting - Using Sibelius 2.11, we take your handwritten scores and professionally engrave them!


Let us rock every part of your world!
We regret to inform that Devilish Publishing is haulting all new orders for all our services for a little while, the exact the length of time is unknown at this time, our website will be updated tomorrow with more details on that.

Due to the unprecidented sucess of the VirtualScore service and a recent boost in sales, we are unable to fulfill new orders within a resonable amount of time.

We also need time to catch-up on all bands who are recieveing free music.

We apologise for this but business is just to big at the moment too cope with more sales/services

We thankyou for your patience in this matter.
A new mp3 file has been added to Devilish Publishing's website!!

The Universe is a Symphony

This epic work composed by James McFadyen for String Orchestra, Chorus and Percussion is once again available to download!

Big heavy textures and dissonant chords combined with tuneful melodies all lead up to a spectacular finale with rock-power drums!

String Orchestra sounds come from the 'Ilio Virtuoso Strings' (AKAI Sample set)
Drums come from 'Sonic Synth'/'Sampletank' (VSTi)
Choir comes from 'Symphony of Voices' (AKAI Sample set)
Timpani comes from 'Miroslav Orchestral Percussions' (AKAI Sample set)

Mastered using the Waves Masters Bundle. Reverb from Waves R-Verb.

This mp3 can be used as a demo for our VirtualScore service. However, it should be noted that the strings have been deliberately programmed to be heavy sounding.

The size of the file is just under 6.5MB

Possible arrangement for Brass Band if enough interest is generated.

To download the mp3 file click this link: http://www.myalias.pwp.blueyonder.c...mes McFadyen - The Universe is a Symphony.mp3
Devilish Publishing Free Brass Band Music Policy

Devilish Publishing has put together this official policy regarding the distribution of free music to Brass Bands worldwide.


To encourage new sales and good client relationship.

To encourage current customers to sustain the relationship with Devilish Publishing.

To provide bands with new music at no cost.

To encourage public performances.

To establish a new strategy of sheet music sales.


At Devilish Publishing, attracting new customers is seen as one of the top priorities. We view free Brass Band sets to be good way to attract new customers, it builds trust and good will. We are eager to put this into overdrive.

As with any business keeping a good customer base is extremely important. At Devilish Publishing, we view returning customers to be a great outlook on our service as a music provider. We believe that if our customers keep coming back for more, they deserve some free music from time to time.

Devilish Publishing realise that buying music is a costly experience for a Brass Band. If a Brass Band has a concert coming up, or looking for something different for their contest programme or intending to record a CD, we would consider issuing free music in these times of crisis.

We like to think we would be at the forefront of Brass Band development. One of our main aims as a supplier of Brass Band music is to enforce new ways to conduct business within the music industry in the 21 Century. We like to think that we issue more free sets than any other publisher and we believe this is at least one step forward. What we can guarantee is we will be unbeaten. If you’ve got a good deal somewhere else, we’ll beat it, even if it means giving it to you for free.

The Policy

Although we cannot guarantee all that apply for free sets will get them, this policy will outline the requirements.

We would normally expect to have formed a good relationship with you. This can be in many forms, continued support by supporting our causes, suggesting new services, submitting an article on our V-Library.

Since many Brass Bander’s use we will be using this website as a part of our guide to your support and good will.

Your chances of obtaining free Brass Band sets will be slim if you have shown little or no support towards Devilish Publishing. We view the banding community to be very precious and it’s important to us that out aims and objectives to our free music policy are strongly met if we are to ensure Devilish Publishing makes a difference to Brass Band music purchasing/publishing.

Free music would usually be distributed at Devilish Publishing’s command, there is no application form, but if you feel that you fit the bit we may be able to help, especially if you intend to have definite recording and performances of the free music.
You can now hear Dreams are to be Without Motion in it's full entirety via Scorch!

This is an older undeited score and would appreciate if you forgive any mistakes. There are no wrong notes, that I'm aware of, but at one point the Euph does go awfully high. This is not so on the PUBLISHED SET.

At parts, things sometimes come across a bit messy an incohesive at our end, we would appreciate if this happens at your end that you accept our apology.

Many thanks and please enjoy the groovy magical sound of Dreams are to Be Without Motion (Soprano Solo) are to be Without Motion2.htm

If you like James' unqiue sound, he can be commissioned to write a specific piece for you and/or your band. His current rate is 300 GBP per minute of music, however, this is negoiable depending on your circumstances.
The Devilish Publishing website has been updated with the following ammendments:

Confirmation of closed for business.

A look at what new music will be coming soon.

Opposition of Mars has been given a price tag.

New additions to the V-Library.
The Devilish Publishing V-Library

Devilish Publishing are currently seeking the writing talents of all tMP members!! The V-Library is Devilish Publishing's very own virtual warehouse of music information!! And you can contribute to it!

Imagine having your article or how to guide published on the Devilish Publishing site! So far our V-Library has proved to be very very popular!

If you have an idea for an article you want to do, the only thing we ask is that it is music related, it could be about banding, music technology, pop music, even a how to guide so that someone can benefit from you're knowledge! Knowledge is power and we believe we might just have the answer to harness everyone's power to create an unstoppable expanding Library of useful articles!

Why not visit our site and get some inspiration from the other V-Library articles. If you want some Ideas what to write about, we may have one or two suggestions!!!

Come on give it a go!


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Ok Folks, we have spent some significant time this last weekend cleaning up this Devilish Publishing Hub thread, and we are hoping that this can now be kept on topic.

You will also see that we have made some pertinent and much needed changes in tMP policy, category structure, and in our rules and guidelines that we hope will make things much clearer from now on.

So, now that we are all sorted after a very busy day... this thread is now unlocked... :)
Devilish Publishing Grand New Web Update

We have now updated our site with the new improved and fun concept of the Devilish Publishing experience!

Come along, sign the guestbook and travel through our own little world!

We've kept the same overall style since many of our visitors like it's sleek corporate look!

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