The Cossack


We have just bought a second hand set of this march from another band, but find that the last part of it seems to have different numbers of bars which don't fit with other parts.

For example the 1st Trombone part has 29 bars between the last repeat and the end, whereas the 1st Baritone and Euphonium parts have just 25 bars.

Similarly between the sign and the pause the Soprano and Solo Cornets have 14 bars, but the Baritone & Euphonium have only 13.

Has anyone else had problems, and what were the solutions?

Alan Lafferty
Bude Metric Brass


The first point sounds like an issue with 1st and 2nd time bars. My Euph part (Wright and Round 1995 edition) has 29 bars after the last repeat but the first four are in the 2nd time bars, the notes of which are exactly the same as the four 1st time bars - so if written without 1st/2nd time bars there would only be 25 bars. Not sure what you mean by the "sign" - the only version I have played has a DC.


Our version is much earlier, published by Richardson. About halfway through there is a D.S. and sign which takes you back to the beginning. After the sign there is a repeated strain which then leads to a pause bar; the D.C. is at the end.

I agree that it is an issue with 1st and 2nd time bars, and will have to look at all the parts to resolve it - unless someone has already done this - or buy the Wright & Round version......

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