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tMP Copyright Fact Sheet

Copyright is an often discussed subject here on tMP and during these past 12 weeks, many high profile tMP members have been helping in the preparation of what we have titled our new tMP Copyright Fact Sheet

Many threads on discuss the extremely complex subject of Copyright and its many related issues. It is all too apparant that many of us are confused by the governance and laws relating to copyright and the tMP Team felt that we should put together a new tMP Fact Sheet that is freely available to all tMP visitors and members which will hopefully, in plain English, help us understand some of the ins and outs of UK Copyright law.

Many people will continue to offer a plethora of information on copyright via threads here on tMP. Please note that this is the only source of copyright information available on tMP that is officially endorsed by and its copyright information team members.

We hope you find this Fact Sheet useful, and if you do please let us know. If you feel anything is in error, or there are certain aspects you feel should have been included here that are not, again please do contact us.

We hope you find it useful... enjoy..... :)
John and the tMP Copyright Team


PRESS RELEASE issues some much-needed Copyright advice!

Having recently celebrated being online for over 12 months, and following various requests from its many users, has now set in motion the first of many exciting new ventures. The site, which is the brainchild of John Burns from Newport, South Wales, has now been online for around 14 months and in that time has steadily grown from a small number of users in it’s infancy to having well over 1600 registered members! That works out at an average of nearly 115 new users per month! (And some people think that brass banders are a dying breed!)

During this time, the site has hosted many differing topics of conversation, ranging from discussions about ‘Smokers and Brass Bands’, ‘French Horns in Brass Bands’, regular comments about contest results and concert reviews and advertisements, through to discussions about football, rugby, television programmes, and even topics on food and drink! Indeed, on you’ll come across discussions that are regularly heard in bandrooms not only across the country, but all over the world!

One subject, however, that regularly rears it’s head, is that of Copyright. Being such a vibrant community it is inevitable that requests for arrangements and compositions are made. In fact, tMP has many composers and arrangers registered as members – three of which recently made the final 21 in the shortlist for the prestigious Fodens Richardson Award for composition and arranging.

It was identified early on that there was a clear lack of guidelines on the subject of copyright available to brass enthusiasts, so the tMP team decided to set up a group that could advise the users of the forum on copyright issues.

The tMP team already consisted of a respected composer and arranger in Roger Thorne of Shrewsbury, so naturally Roger would be involved in the compilation of any tips and guidelines that would arise from this venture. However, it was felt that a subject as vast as this would require the input of more than one person. Another well-known and respected composer and arranger that regularly posts on tMP is Philip Sparke who has also offered his advice on this issue. One user who was an obvious choice to be approached was Dave Payn who is a Copyright Services Officer with The MCPS-PRS Alliance Ltd. These three members, along with some of tMP’s group of Moderators then set about to prepare a comprehensive section on Copyright and the do’s and don’ts of the issue relating specifically to brass bands. Another member of the tMP Moderating team, Peter Bale, also provided valuable input, particualrly in relation the reproduction of words and music for worship purposes.

The result of this venture is now available on in a variety of formats. The document will be

  • - viewable on the forum

    - available to download as a PDF file

    - available to 'send to a friend'
This is seen as just the beginning of the next phase in the existence of – an existence that has already proved to be a fruitful and rewarding experience for it’s owner and it’s members.

To take advantage of the range of services offered by tMP visit today!
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Nigel Hall

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Have just read and downloaded your Copyright FAQ sheet and I'd just like to congratulate you on a fantastic job. I think that covers just about every question I get asked about preparing and publishing copyrighted pieces. Hopefully it will make everyones lives a lot easier.

Well Done!


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Hi Nigel

WOW, thanks for such great feedback. It's brilliant to hear/read comments such as these, and we are all glad here at tMP that you will find this information useful. We're hoping it becomes widely used.

Thanks for taking the time to comment here, very much appreciated... :)

on behalf of the FAQ team... :tup


Brian Bowen

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The tMP Copyright FAQ sheet is highly commendable and should provide a much-needed service to all interested in music making, particularly in the brass band movement. It is clearly laid out and written in a style that makes for easy reading -- and with a nice sense of humour.

Many thanks to the tMP team responsible for its production.


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Okiedokie of Oz said:
now you just need to do one version for each country....

It would be nice if we were able to do this Chris, however the experts used to compile the document are familiar with and have expertise in UK Copyright Law. It would be folly and very dangerous for me to prepare a similar document without having similar levels of expertise from other parts of the world.

If you have any contacts down under who you feel could/would participate in such a collaboration, I'd be more than happy to facilitate and undertake a similar exercise in preparing a FAQ Document relating to Australian Law.

Likewise, if any of our US (Brian??), Canadian or European counterparts have similar thoughts, please feel free to contact me via e-mail or PM and we can have a think about how we could proceed.



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Even with the limitations of only knowing the UK copywrite laws, I still commend you. I, as a teacher, have found that many other teachers like to ... 'bend' the copywrite laws as they see fit. The fact that you all are taking a stance is not only responsible, but commendable.


P.S. If I taught music, I'd help you with he US laws.

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