That Was The Week That Was . . .


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Well our solo trombone player has had tennis elbow for ages and ages... but she's been lots better recently! We had a stand in for a while, but she's ok for Sunday!

also.... not the area... but Bugle contest last year I had to be carried on and off the stage by a lovely welsh gentlemen as I had my leg in a cast from my accident at the whits the week before! Nothing can stop me! :tongue:


Last year had blocked ear from wax buildup all week, was loading it with audax but no joy, it was only as we walked on stage it "popped" as it were and i could hear, walking off it promptly went again!! Guess the big guy upstairs was in a good mood that day, the band won through to the finals! =)


Unbelievable! just reading this thread when my phone goes. " hi geoff it's Tracy, I've broken my tooth!! I will be seeing the dentist on Monday and hope I can get it sorted". This on the back of a tense wait to see if our flugel player was going to have her baby in time to perform at the areas next week. Just heard scarlett Grace has joined our waiting list and thinking positive thoughts when that happened. What next. See you all at Stevenage with or without Eb bass!:dunno :lol:
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sorry to hear of troubles but hope you better soon and well enough to play tomorrow, cos you have quite a bit to do

Thanks for the best wishes Dave, and to everyone who spoke during the day yesterday too. Well, I got through it OK - I think I played alright, but it was hard work and I needed a second after we'd played to gather myself again. But I got through it which was the main thing. Still not 100% though - going to the doc's tomorrow...:(

good luck at Burton but not enough to beat us

You just pipped us!! Well done matey!

may be we will manage to say hello, at the burger bar or one of tha adjacent pubs, get well by tomorrow

Sadly didn't see you around yesterday, or for that matter too many other tMPer's. Maybe due to the venue? Trust me, with my stomach the burger van was the last place I would've been, although I did manage a post match pint in the Old Cottage.


I received a phone call on Saturday afternoon from one of our bass players informing me that both his and his wife's car had broken down!!! So I quickly managed to organise a lift from one of the other players who lives their way. We thought at least it happened Sat and not like 6am / 7am on Sunday morning!


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OK, well where shall I start I have been fortunate (?) enough over the years to play in bands with some serious pranksters. For example a certain cornet player for a certain band many years ago thought it would be fun for the band to go for a jog around the running at track at a competition in Colwyn Bay Leisure Centre. Not just that but he thought it would be even more funny to see if one of the Eb bass players would bounce when pushed over accidentally on purpose. The Eb bass player didn't bounce and in fact broke his right arm in the fall - all before the band went on stage!

The week before the areas with the same nameless band several years ago I was playing for the County Brass Band in a 24hour sponsored blow. We were playing at a local shopping centre and were all taking it in turns to have breaks. When it became my turn I put the trombone on its stand and went to walk away at just the same time as a big footed horn player in front of me turned around from her chair knocked over my trombone and then proceeded to stand on it. It ended up with an almost right angle in the slide and with the bell bent in half. Still played it the week after in the areas though after a very hasty trip to the repairers!!!

Or how about doing a rehearsal on first trombone the night before the national finals in London (firestorm) and putting the trombone away all fine and with no problem. Getting the trombone out the next day however was different as when I put it together the slide had somehow managed to get a bend in it overnight and I had to borrow a trombone from a trade stand to go on stage with.

All good fun though.

Not quite an illness or accident....but many (many) years ago, the solo Euphonium player from a band in the East of England decided to clean his instrument the night before a contest. Should be OK...

...but his 4th valve wouldn't come out, it got stuck halfway. So he decided that a little 'light tapping' to the bottom of the valve would free it up! This was achieved with a hammer and screwdriver......and drove the screwdriver through the middle of the valve.

The phone call to the MD went on the lines of "Do we have a spare Euph in the bandroom?" can guess what the reply was!

Good luck in the contest tomorrow (L&SC Region)!!



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You're not alone!

Don't fear, it's not just your band! We've had a far share of incidents too. The most recent was a week before the areas this year. The second man down (me!) had an accident at work and dislocated her fingers. Not amusing...

I have no theories as to why these things happen before contests, but I assume that it must be something to do with bandsmen and women getting excited at the prospect of getting drunk after performing.

At least, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!