Thank you Mr Sparke

Andrew Norman

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This summer my non-contesting band has been using A Malvern Suite as part of its concert programme.
Such a well crafted piece for both band and audience. Each time we've performed it I have meant to post a "thank you".
Last night we spent an evening rehearsing Saint-Saens Variations and for the first time managed a decent run all the way through.
I love this piece and it was such a thrill for us all to play it.
Thank you Mr Sparke.

Andrew Norman

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In my ,humble, opinion, the ability to write for those of us at the lower end of banding and still provide music which is satisfying, listenable and which provides enough of a challenge without being beyond reach, is a true skill - much easier to write for those who you expect to be able to play anything that is put in front of them.


A Malvern Suite is always fondly remembered by Manx Concert Brass as it was the National Finals 4th Section Test Piece for us in 1996. Our performance of it resulted in us winning the Final and securing promotion to the 3rd Section.

We are now a 1st Section Band and often revisit A Malvern Suite, in fact it featured in one of our recent concerts.

I'd like to echo Andrews praise for Mr Sparke, thank you.

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