Test Pieces


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Going to a Test Piece Comp in November and was thinking of buying Crusade by Rieks Van der Velde .

Has anyone ever played it your feedback would be much appreciated.

Just be good to try something a little different .




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Thanks for that could you maybe elaborate a little more please?

We are a 3rd section band came 5th at the nationals last year and i'm wondering could it prove a bridge too far ie 3rd cornets etc ??

If you could help with that it may influence my decision :)


as a bass trom player i can tell you theres bog all in it for trombones and it gets quite boring! :frown: sop should be kept fairly busy mind you.

As for 3rd cornets it really does depend on how good they are! I'd say that itd certainly be a challenge, but nothing that should be well out of your league. A decent solo cornet row would be handy too!

But hey why not? you've got until november so theres no reason why you cant have a decent crack at it and do it some justice :)


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Ok you've convinced me it's ordered :)

thanks for you're help guys hope my band enjoy working on it !!