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So with just over two weeks to go til the open, we are still receiving regular updates to an ever-increasing errata sheet for the Planets. I know this is a very common gripe amongst bands-people and no bloody wonder!

In this particular case we are playing an arrangement which has not only been knocking around a long time but has also been fully recorded on CD... you'd think when it's chosen for the biggest contest of the year they'd make sure that either:

A) All mistakes are already rectified or
B) An errata is sent out with the piece.

Why should it be up to the bands to waste rehearsal time trying to figure out whats wrong with it? At least with the Planets, we all know how it goes, so most mistakes are obvious... but with many new pieces we don't know the composers/arrangers intentions. I seem to remember having a very similar problem with Jazz for the areas. I don't expect publishers to print it right every time. Does a set of printed parts get played through to spot any mistakes before being sent out though? :?

Sorry to BOC, but it beats work. Mind you, so does sticking parts of your anatomy in a blender... at least it's over quicker.

Naomi McFadyen

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I've been glued to 4barsrest reading the erratas for the Open test piece.. I think it's disgraceful that with so little time left til the contest that another mistake was found...

Publishers and transcribers need to be more careful...
Silly little mistakes (like semi-tone clashes) are easily heard on Sibelius or any other notation programme with playback... why they cant check and double check scores I really dont know... It's carelessness and downright lazy...

I print my own music off and check and double check and triple check to make sure it's perfect!
I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that kinda thing though, but thats not such a bad thing!



Open - Errata:


Completely agree, first rehearsal last night with full band after break , loads of issues with parts, and an errata sheet as long as your arm.

I surpose we should be used it by now, but it is a bit comical, ...and someone is making heaps of dosh out of it......Still it will be worth it as we give it some in " I vow to thee ", looking forward to it.....
Chris, I had CBA reading your very long post so I didn't bother!! In fact, the others were long too so I just scanned them!

I was down at Imps when they ran it for the first or 2nd time, full of crazy mistakes, and that wasn't even my playing!!



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Yes, proving that longer aint necessarily better! :wink: I apologise for the length of my post Jayne, I was merely killing time at work, and accept no responsibility for sleep-induced accidents caused when people try to read it! :roll:
You're also asking for people to BOC you, you need to be more careful!!

I guessed you were bored at work, that's why I'll let you off this time! I am also very bored, that's why I'm on here talking c**p. I'm now going to go and prance around in a suit I bought, (ahem, Lee bought :wink: ) to wear to a wedding.


PS. I'm glad you're not really dead!!


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No, I'm not really dead... although I gave it a good go on Saturday night! :shock: Thought I was going to puke up some vital organs at one point :?


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It's not big and it's not clever.......

That's why you should never go out with an unintellectual dwarf!! :p :p


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Yet another update on the Venus/Jupiter errata today... shock horror! :shock: None on my part as yet... hmm... must find new excuses 8) As for it not being big or clever Jayne... you haven't seen it so you wouldn't know and I'm not likely to be giving it an IQ test :hammer Whatever "it" might be of course :?

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