Tenor Horn Players


Sadly my favourite horn player is no longer with us, the late, great Bryan Smith, followed by Gordon Higginbotham and Sandy Smith.

All great players and all great people.


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Interesting...but difficult to compare ....like George Best v Lionel Messi or Ronaldo ....not possible as each has something special.
My favourite used to be Higginbottom, and now White .....for those who never heard Higgy , check out this link on Youtube ,


He used to be Principal with the Virtuosi Band and Harry Mortimers All Stars, and the National Band etc.,

I personally never heard this played better, simply put, you pays your money and takes your choice.


Some fantastic names being mentioned and although a few Scots amongst them (well quite a few actually) I think you have to include a man that is probably the longest serving solo horn player with any top 10 UK band, Ian Fleming at Whitburn, an amazing player who has been in the same seat with the same band for over 25 years (not many can claim that) and still one of the best at the top of his game.

So for me

Owen Farr
Ian Fleming
Godon Higginbottom


Bryan Smith will always be the Daddy for me. However, Arfon Owen deserves a mention, tremendous play !