Tenor horn mouthpiece suggestions.

Can anyone help?

I've been blowing my horn for over 15 years now and have always played on a Dennis Wick 2. This has been a good servent but I'm getting frustrated with the difficulties I have reaching the upper register. I've tried the Dennis Wick 3 but hate the lack of depth of sound.

I've read about the possible Bach 3 but need some other suggestions. It's not that I don't practice, honest!!



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tenor horn mouthpiece

I play on a Besson 16 it was recommended to me by a very good horn player advising that it would help me reach the upper register. I have also played on a bach mouthpiece but stuggled with clarity of sound.

The besson mouthpiece used to come as a package when you bought a new sovereign but not sure if it still does.

You can pick them up second hand as well, have a look around

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