Tenor Horn - Glasgow

Instrument: Tenor Horn

Location/Region: Outskirts of Glasgow

Grade: 8

Name: Fraser Ramsay

Contact Details: fraser@carnyx.com or 07729375455

Instrument(s) played: Tenor Horn

Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: Any

How much notice do you require: 2-3 weeks

Name of your present Band: Govan Citadel SA Band

Position played within present Band: 1st horn. Will be moving to solo horn in January.

What section is your present Band in: n/a

Would you require transport: depends on distance

Do you require expenses: see above

Any additional comments/Information: Have a warm tone and have played pieces such as Resurgam, Shine as the Light, Song of the Eternal and Pasacaglia on a theme of Brahms.

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