Tenor Horn Gigbag

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I am looking to buy a Tenor Horn Gigbag and have found a seller on ebay selling a Styrofoam Baritone Horn Gigbag. I was just wondering if anyone can advise if this is a correct bag for a Horn or Baritone or if, indeed, they are moulded the same.

The eBay code is 371249505070

If anyone can throw any advise or info into this style backpack type of bag with.the purple colouring I would be greatful


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I've got one of these and I love it - would definitely recommend them. The size you're looking at fits my 3 valve sov bari almost perfectly, so it'll be way too big for a tenor horn.

Andrew Norman

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Before any more about size can you confirm that you are talking about a British Eb Tenor (Alto) Horn not a Continental/US Bb Tenor (Baritone) ?
I think on this site we would assume you mean the former but form your post you may mean the latter.