Does anybody have or know anybody who has a tenor drum for sale?
Must be red in colour as it's needed as an extension on my drum kit.

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
No... but my suggestion would be to get intouch directly with the manufacturer of your drum kit, and order the drum you want... You may find this quicker than trying to find one for sale.

My advice with kit extensions is to use toms as opposed to a tenor drum though... A tenor drum will have a completly different sound to the toms and will probably sound a bit 'off' unless it's tuned to perfection.

I have a 7 piece kit... (5 toms)... 8', 10', 12', 13', and 16' floor... My extension would be a 14 inch floor tom... Which oneday, I will do.

Hope this helps


True Shaz - but if it needs to be part of a kit this may not be suitable - as the one we got was a marching tenot drum....

Sorry to be a smart *rse

They do occasionally appear on EBAY - or you could try a cheaper manufacturer - being red it won't be noticed if there is a bit of shade variation.....

Other than that - manufacturere is best - as already advised

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