Technique - Finishing notes


I think i might start getting a reputation as a miserable moaning get, along with my rants about foot tapping, blowing water out loadly, sitting correctly... etc. etc.

But there's one thats been bothering me quite a lot recently and i'm surprised at how many good players are underperforming in this respect. The point in question is the endings of notes, we spend so much time on getting the right attack (breath attack, hard/soft tounging etc.) I think too many players have forgotten the endings of notes.

I was always taught that to stop a note, you simply stop blowing, there should be no abrubt end to the note, even staccatto notes need to end as "round" as they start, and i have heard loads of players recently who ruin their good tone with an ugly ending.



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It is a thing that many players start doing early on and never get made to stop. Luckily my teacher picked up on it! Players start using their tongue to cut off the air supply when they start tonguing and playing faster passages which makes a horrible harsh end to the note... I think I've fixed it now but it's something to be wary of.

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